Xbox 360 beats Wii! (in teenager's Christmas present 2008 wish-list survey)


A poll conducted by impenetrable-if-you’re-over-20 online cyber-fortress Habbo has found that games consoles are this year’s hottest-to-have Christmas present, beating mobiles, MP3 players and even wooden train sets, with 39% of the 4,500 kids polled demanding a games machine or a PC off mum and dad.

Incredibly, Microsoft’s machine beat Nintendo’s fashionable Wii for once, with 20% of the game-wanting Habbo youths asking for an Xbox 360 – and only 19% plumping for a Wii. Probably because most of them got one last year. As ever, Sony’s PS3 is LAST – 15% are asking for one of those off poor Santa…