AMD to split into two companies


Business news anyone? It might not be very exciting, but if you don’t have an Intel chip in the PC you’re reading this on, then you’ll almost certainly have an AMD chip in there, so pay attention.

AMD are splitting their business into two companies. The first will be focused on designing microprocessors, and the second will actually manufacture them – a process which is expensive and debt-laden. The new manufacturing company will be called the Foundry Company, and AMD will own 44.4 percent of it, with the rest being owned by a Abu Dhabi company called Advanced Technology…

Oh no! iPhone 3G could be delayed until… later. Plenty more time for rumours


I can’t really be too harsh on the iPhone rumourmongers — after all, it gives us a lot to write about particularly on Friday afternoons when there’s nothing else going on outside pubs — but it does seem that a few analysts have too much time on their hands.

Every time a company with even a tentative link to Apple says anything at all, at least one person will draw a conclusion that the iPhone is coming now, or next week, or next month, or in 2009, or never (well, OK, maybe not “never”)…

AMD announces triple core Phenom processors


Yes, I know that we’re already looking at quad core processors and beyond, but AMD hopes that its Phenom triple core offering will encourage the mainstream adoption of processors more powerful than the popular dual core chips, without breaking the bank.

The new Phenom X3 models include the 2.1GHz 8400, 2.3GHz 8600, 2.1GHz 8450, 2.3GHz 8650, and 2.4GHz 8750, arriving over the coming months…