Connected Kerb launches electric vehicle charging points

A “smart” system for charging electric vehicles on the street has been launched to boost the take-up of clean cars. The new public kerbside charging technology, which includes small on-street hubs called “armadillos” and “geckos” that can be attached to existing bollards or signposts, has been unveiled in Southwark, London. Connected Kerb, the company behind the…

Ardica Portable Power – warmth and charging on the go


This is quite nifty – a company called Ardica have created a combo gadget that simultaneously charges your gadgets and warms your cockles. They’re calling it a “portable power and heating system”. Basically, it’s a wearable power pack.

You’ll need a “compatible” jacket to take advantage of the heating. That’s the first time I’ve ever worried about whether my jacket is “compatible” with anything before. You’ll get 3 hours of high heat out of it, and 8.6 hours of low heat. They reckon the device will provide heat up to 100 degrees, which i’m hoping is Fahrenheit, rather than Celsius. Or Kelvin, for that matter…

VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 6

Today I will reveal how you can save POUNDS by recharging all your gadgets for FREE! Yes, that’s right. For free. How can this be done? Have I invented something? Have I learned how to harness the awesome power of the sea? Have I mastered cold fusion in my fridge?

Or am I just lying to get attention? You’ll have to watch the below video to find out, as there’s no point me saying what the secret to a lifetime of free electricity is here if I’ve spent ages doing a video about it. That’s not how it works.

So there you go. I’m typing this using electricity I didn’t have to pay for…