Will we get the BlackBerry Bold 9000 on June 25th? The Canadian carrier Rogers is…


The smartphone you’ve all been waiting for – and by ‘you’, I mean ‘me’ – has been given a launch date of June 25th on the Canadian network Rogers.

Originally it was thought the BlackBerry Bold 9000 would be dropping in late July or even early August, however it’s possible that if Rogers is launching the handset on the 25th, it might encourage other carriers to hurry up as well. In the US AT&T has been chosen as the exclusive network…

Apple iPhone 3G Vs. BlackBerry Bold 9000: the ultimate specs comparison


Apple’s launch of the iPhone 3G yesterday heralded a new change in direction for the company, towards a more business-friendly approach. BlackBerry is predominantly the business user’s handset manufacturer of choice, with their first 3G model, the Bold 9000, squaring up nicely to the iPhone. Take a look at the below comparison of specs between the two models, and let us know in the comments field below which you’d prefer.

BlackBerry Bold 9000: 127mm in length, 66mm wide and 12.7mm thick, it weighs 133g.
iPhone 3G: 115.5mm high, 62.1mm wide and 12.3mm thick, weighs 133g.

BlackBerry Bold 9000: 480 x 320 resolution, touch display.
iPhone 3G: 480 x 320 multi-touch display…

Comparison of RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 8110, Curve 8310 and Bold 9000 smartphones


The BlackBerry 9000 was officially announced by Research In Motion this morning, and within minutes I was on the phone to my mobile contract provider, arranging the return of the Pearl 8110 I’d just ordered. Even though the 9000 won’t be out until Summer, it’s still worth waiting for, in my opinion.

Or is it? Do you prefer the 45g-bar-of-chocolate-size of the Pearl 8110, or the BlackBerry Maps featured in the Curve 8310? Let’s take a look below the jump at the key features of the three feathers RIM has in its cap…