New contender to the MMO throne: Age of Conan gears up for a massive launch


Veteran MMO developers Funcom are about to launch their most ambitious online world to date, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. It’s already off to a good start -800,000 fans have actually ticked the ‘Yes, I would like to be bombarded with junk mail’ box (so did I, actually) and have signed up to the newsletter, and over 1 million players have reportedly signed up to the open beta phase…

PS3's Home delayed until… god only knows when


The public beta test of Sony’s much delayed Home online service for PS3 has been – yes, you guessed it! – delayed again. Sony has now pushed back the launch of Home’s public beta test until “Fall 2008.”

Fall, as international-travelling, jet-set readers will know, is what Americans call Autumn. So if the beta test isn’t going to be out until Autumn 2008, it’s pretty unlikely that the finished, for-everyone 3D avatar system will arrive until 2009.

“We understand that we are asking PS3…