IFA 07: Nikon launches two entry-level cameras, the L14 and L15

Nikon are showing off their wares here at IFA, with several new cameras added to their CoolPix range. First up, for the entry-level seekers, the L14 has the honour of supposedly having the longest battery life out of the vast barrel of 3x zoomer compact cams. Specs include a savoury 7.1-megapixel sensor, 23MB inbuilt memory (expandable by using SDHC memory cards), 2.4″ LCD screen, and is available in black, or to please both genders, in blue and pink…

IFA 07: Live-blogging the Sharp press conference

1300 – Everyone files into a huge auditorium to see what Sharp has to offer for this year’s IFA.
1306 – Big graphics are projected onto huge white sheets on the stage, move over Bourne Ultimatum, this show looks incredible. Words flashing up on the screen include, as you’d expect, ‘Sharp’, ‘Aquos’ and ‘LCD TVs’.
1308 – The white sheets drop to reveal an uber-thin LCD TV encased in a massive sheet of glass, stuck on a revolving wheel. The crowd actually gasps – I know! – and some even clap. I must admit, it’s an impressive site, this TV must be one of the thinnest LCDs ever.
1310 – The speaker, Mikio Katayama, announces the new TV which is just a prototype, at 20mm thin on the main display section, 29mm at the thickest part, and weighing less than a bimbo trying to break into Hollywood, at only 25kilos. It has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and allegedly has an annual power consumption of just 140kWh, which is 1/2 of the average LCD TV…

IFA 07: Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny live from Berlin

ifalogo.jpg Susi, Alex, Chris, Ashley and I have all stormed Berlin, Germany, en masse for three days full of convention centre-trudging, otherwise known as IFA. Of which I’m not quite sure what it stands for, but rest assured the ‘I’ is International. Or Internationale, as we say here in steiner and weiner-ville.

You would’ve noticed a few posts already up on Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny covering important announcements made today so far, keep pressing ‘refresh’ on your web browser for the next three days on these two sites, as we bring you all the latest news concerning consumer electronics.

Auf wiedersehen!

IFA 2007