With nine valves and four line-inputs, the Fatman iTube 452 amplifier will impress even your deaf neighbour


I know there’s a rich pool of valve amp fanzoids out there which will be delighted to hear Fatman has added another model to the archives, the iTube 452 stereo amplifier.

Priced at £1,499, it’s distinctly more expensive than their predecessors, but with the nine valves and four line-inputs, you’re definitely getting more orange-glow for your buck. There’s 45 watts of power per channel on the iTube 452, and whilst it may have a ubiquitous lowercase ‘i’ in the model name, when hooked up to a CD player the quality promises to be richer and deeper than before…

Put that dusty Apple floppy drive to use, make an amplifier mod outta it


Some bloke over at Hacked Gadgets has taken his hand out of his underpants, and put it to good use – making an amplifier out of an Apple floppy drive.

It shouldn’t come to too much expense, and you’ll be able to pick up a 5.25 floppy drive fairly easily from eBay or even your shed if you save relics from your IT past. Finally – a suitable way to…

Roland's Micro Cube: the 7.5lb guitar amp

roland-micro-cube.jpgLugging great big guitar amps around is no fun, although if you’re a professional roadie, at least you get to nick the band’s drugs (ace if you’re on the road with Led Zeppelin, not so much fun with Babyshambles). However, the new Roland Micro Cube will give roadies’ backs a treat.

Okay, so it’s more for buskers than touring bands. It’s an ultra-compact guitar amp that’s powered by batteries or mains, and weighs just 7.5 pounds, despite squeezing in enough oomph to raise the hairs on passing commuters’ necks if you’re playing it down the underground.

Fatman's Mothership amplifiers really are out of this world

Anyone that watched my video review of the Fatman Fatboy speakers the other month will be well aware of just how gorgeous – and pricey – their products can be. If you thought £500 for a pair of speakers was extreme, wait until you find out how much Fatman are charging for their new tube valve amplifier, dubbed The Mothership. With that name, they could be charging my firstborn child, really.

As you can see, there’s three units involved in the almighty Mothership, the iTube Control preamp, which boosts the source signals, which are in turn picked up by the twin iTube Enginerooms…