Fatman's Mothership amplifiers really are out of this world

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Anyone that watched my video review of the Fatman Fatboy speakers the other month will be well aware of just how gorgeous – and pricey – their products can be. If you thought £500 for a pair of speakers was extreme, wait until you find out how much Fatman are charging for their new tube valve amplifier, dubbed The Mothership. With that name, they could be charging my firstborn child, really.

As you can see, there’s three units involved in the almighty Mothership, the iTube Control preamp, which boosts the source signals, which are in turn picked up by the twin iTube Enginerooms.

The iTube Controlroom contains six premium-quality valves, with the twin iTube Enginerooms featuring a massive eighteen valves each, with 200 watts pumping through each monoblock. Eco-friendly this isn’t, but out-of-this-atmosphere gorgeousness this is.

Better sit down now, get the tissues at the ready when you realise you’ll probably have to remortgage your house in order to buy The Mothership – it’s a whopping £5,000. Ouch. But at least your ears will thank you! Just ensure you download some uncompressed music tracks if you insist on connecting your iPod to the product, or the Fatman boys will probably hunt you down and bodyslam you. We hear they’re reeeaaaal fat.

Fatman iTube Mothership

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Katherine Hannaford
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