AA launches Smart TravelGuides: interactive guides and maps for 3G mobiles


AA Publishing has announced a new set of AA Smart TravelGuides, that turns any 3G mobile or smartphone into an interactive travel guide and map.

The maps, provided by the Ordnance Survey, will cover a variety of areas, with the first in the series covering London.

The product comes as a memory card which is loaded into the phone and then allows you to search for points of interest, including sights, things to do, and AA-rated restaurants and hotels.

Opinion: Pulling ads from BNP Facebook pages is absurd

Jon_small_new.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes…

Just a week ago I called on advertisers to think more deeply about which websites they want their brands to be associated with. It came as a response to the Panorama BBC investigation into violent beatings and fights being filmed by youngsters and posted on the popular websites in the name of entertainment.

And now, it seems the money men are sitting up and taking notice. Obviously, I don’t – and can’t – claim the credit for that but I’m not sure I want to in this case, because on this one, I actually think they’ve got it wrong.

A few days ago Vodafone and First Direct, two of the UK’s leading firms, decided to withdraw their advertising from Facebook because it might end up appearing on pages run by the British National Party. Now we can debate the BNP’s stance all day and night but the fact remains they are a legitimate political party able to stand in council and general elections…