RXS Bluetooth adaptors let you hook up your MP3 player


RXS has just launched a couple of Bluetooth adaptors for MP3 players that’ll let you stream your tunes over to a Bluetooth-capable car stereo, or pair of speakers or headphones. There’s an iPod version (pictured above) and a rather clunkier version that plugs into any 3.5mm headphone jack that’s available.

The iPod version weighs just 4.5g, sits nicely against against your iPod, and comes in black, white and silver. The 3.5mm version is much bigger, contains a rechargable battery, charged via USB, with 10 hours of listening time battery life, and comes in white and black.

If you own a Bluetooth enabled car stereo or set of headphones, then these are a brilliant way to get stuff hooked up. They’re not the best-looking accessories in the world, and a little pricy at £30, but if you need the connectivity, then they’ll provide it.


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