Sony planning to revise PSP again in 2009 – with proper "PSP2" to follow later


Today we have yet more leaks from Sony’s gaming division to help inform your purchasing decisions – this time regarding the long awaited and much-needed proper sequel to the little portable PlayStation.

Sony’s tweaked its PSP numerous times before, adding the Slim & Lite model to the range last year, then tinkering with the screen a bit in this year’s 3000 model update.

Now, Eurogamer is telling the world that a further revised PSP – the model 4000 – will hit in late 2009, followed by a proper, all-new PSP2 at some random…

Lenovo to give away more 2008 Beijing Olympics V200 notebooks for charity

Lenovo is reprising their competition from August which showed several of their limited edition Olympic Torch-inspired notebooks, by launching three online charity auctions in the UK tomorrow to commemorate it being six months until the 2008 Beijing games.

Each of the Lenovo 3000 V200 12.1-inch widescreen notebooks will be signed by the British silver medalist Gail Emms, and features…