Sky launch special edition 1TB Sky+HD World Cup boxes

With preparations for the 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa now getting into full swing, Sky have announced details of a limited edition range of Sky+HD boxes. With specially decorated 1TB boxes from designer Wayne Hemingway, illustrator Gerald Scarfe…

RUMOUR: Xbox 360 to come with 1TB HD?


Industry analysts are suggesting that Microsoft will soon be offering a huge terabyte hard-drive to support its forthcoming games on demand service.

Rumours suggest the 1TB Xbox 360 will be released at the same time as Project Natal – Microsoft’s camera based motion-sensor.

The games on demand service will allow gamers to download full versions of Xbox 360 titles directly to their hard-drive after purchasing them with a credit card. This means users will need a lot more storage – hence the 1TB rumours.

The largest Xbox 360 hard-drive currently on the market is the 120GB premium Xbox 360 Elite.

(via bit-tech)

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Seagate Fail part two: firmware fix breaks other drives


Poor Seagate. Late last week, the news broke that their Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drives were failing en masse. Admirably, the company’s already published a firmware fix, but maybe they pushed it out a little too fast because it’s causing 500GB drive owners’ discs to fail en masse.

The update has been taken offline for the moment, and users of 1TB and 750GB drives are reporting successful updates, but if you’re on a 500GB drive and you’ve downloaded but not installed the update, then I certainly don’t recommend doing so just yet.

Seagate Forum (via Tom’s Hardware)

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Sharp intros AQUOS Blu-ray DVRs with up to 1TB of storage


Sharp is to launch three new AQUOS combo units in Japan, featuring a Blu-ray player and Digital Video Recorder plus digital and analogue TV tuners.

Available with three hard drive sizes — 250GB, 500GB, or 1TB — they record to the hard drive in the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format in any of three different bitrates (4.8, 8, and 12Mbps), so users can choose what quality to record at and, consequently, how much content can be stored…

CES 2007: Hitachi’s 1 Terabyte hard drive

Imagine how much stuff you could store if you had a one-terabyte hard drive. You don’t have to: Hitachi Global Storage has helpfully supplied some suggestions. 1TB is enough for 333,000 high-res JPG photos, two years worth of MP3 tunes,…