RUMOUR: Xbox 360 to come with 1TB HD?


xbox360-hard-drive.jpgIndustry analysts are suggesting that Microsoft will soon be offering a huge terabyte hard-drive to support its forthcoming games on demand service.

Rumours suggest the 1TB Xbox 360 will be released at the same time as Project Natal – Microsoft’s camera based motion-sensor.

The games on demand service will allow gamers to download full versions of Xbox 360 titles directly to their hard-drive after purchasing them with a credit card. This means users will need a lot more storage – hence the 1TB rumours.

The largest Xbox 360 hard-drive currently on the market is the 120GB premium Xbox 360 Elite.

(via bit-tech)

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Paul Lamkin
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  • Let’s review the bullets:
    • Pachter is an idiot.
    • Everyone knows Pachter is an idiot.
    • Pachter says that there’ll be a 1TB 360 drive.
    • Everyone listens to Pachter and reports it.

    Do you see the cycle here? I’ll believe it when MS announces it.

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