Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 60 to 56


After yesterday’s segment of ‘useful’ gadgets, today we’ve got a whole lot of silly going on. From Piano Hands (a bit like Jazz hands, but more refined) to a telescopic iPhone zoom lens. One special mention for the cat-flap though, it’s not silly at all, and is a perfect pressie for any cat lovers you know.

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Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 80 – 76


Having eliminated some of the lesser gifts in the top hundred, things are now starting to hot up. Today we’ve got some gifts for the older presentee. None of these will really work for your 14-year-old godson, but an ever-so-slightly older gadgetee will be over the moon. Don’t worry – more Triceratops tomorrow.

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Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 90 to 86


The countdown to Christmas continues as the UK gets a load of snow dumped on it over the weekend. I say ‘dumped’, but I only saw snow very briefly when I woke up at 8am on Saturday and peeked out the window. By the time I actually got up at 11, there wasn’t any sign of snow at all. Just grim rain.

Still, rain’s not all that bad. Especially if you’ve got a weatherproof iPod dock lying around. Or a ridable Triceratops. Both are in today’s list, but let’s start with the dock. Click through to the main post to begin.

Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 100 to 96


Welcome to the Tech Digest Christmas Gift Guide 2008! Not a top ten, not a top twenty, not even a top fifty – this is our top ONE HUNDRED gadgets that we recommend as presents this christmas. They range from the sublime to the slightly ridiculous, but with a few tiny exceptions, they’re all very affordable. We’re hearing some rumours that there’s some financial turmoil on the way. You heard it here first.

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