Take a gamble on the 'Heads-Up Challenge' Poker table

Alright lads, listen up, yeah? Next time you're dahn the boozer, check aht the poker machine what's ready to swallah all ya nuggets, yeah.. Cos, it's diamond, innit.

Right. Enough of talking like I'm in a film by Guy Ritchie. It hurts my head. What i'm trying to say is: If you happen to find yourself having a drink in your local public house, then you should probably look out for the new machine by CosmicVideo Games – the Heads-Up Challenge Poker table. That is, of course, if you like that sort of thing.

Pub Guru: What is Steampunk, and can it iron my trousers?

Pub Guru is a new weekly feature you’ll see here on the pages of Tech Digest, and will give you enough knowledge about a particularly subject so you can fake your way through a conversation with your mate down at the local boozer. And when their eyes get that glazed look after droning on for so long, you can then steal their Fruli and run off into the night, cackling like a mad Belgian with the last barrel of fruit beer. Mmm…beer…

No doubt you’ve heard the word being bandied around of late, either here, or on Steampunk-crazy sites such as Boing Boing or Gizmodo, who seem to cover everything that’s churned out of enthusiasts’ workshops these days…