OLED Christmas tree, OLED Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches

Headline with bad pun – check. Novelty gadget – check. Silly video – check. Energy efficiency – check. This is tech blog gold! It’s an OLED Christmas tree, created by the lovely chaps (and they seem to be exclusively chaps) who work at the GE OLED labs.

This video hurt me. Hurt me because now I know that the people who I’m counting on to build me an affordable OLED TV are spending their time making Christmas trees, rather than solving the problem of how to make OLED displays very cheap. Damn their eyes!

GE OLED (via Crunchgear)

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Firebox launches 'CrapWrap' – intentionally awful wrapping for presents


This tickled me a little, so I thought you might find it amusing too. Gadget and gift site Firebox will be offering a CrapWrap option alongside its more normal giftwrap options this year. CrapWrap allows you to send a loved one a package deliberately wrapped very very badly. It’s like doing it yourself, but without the effort!

Actually, that’s a lie. I’m a bit of a wrapping ninja. You can be too – it’s not tough. Follow the instructions on Wikihow.com, and you’ll be the one whose presents under the tree for others look just that little bit more special than everyone else’s.

Firebox CrapWrap

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Solar-powered LED Christmas lights – and may all your Christmases be green


I can’t say my carbon footprint is the biggest worry for me over Christmas. It’s probably more like managing to get all my presents in time and making sure I’m not the person who has to deal with the tree after it starts to look a lot less festive and drops all of it’s browning needles over the carpet.

However, if you’re thinking Christmas 2.0 then you’re probably all into energy saving both for the sake of the environment and for credit crunch cash-strapping reasons as well. In which case, you need to get yourself over to Eco Geek Living and pick up a set of these solar-powered LED Christmas Lights…

CES 2008: Parrot launch a couple of speakers, the DS1120 and DS3120

parrot-1120.jpgParrot has been a busy little company, working hard in the aviary on several different products to launch at CES 2008. Amongst them are wireless stereo speakers, the DS1120, plus a DS3120 stereo.

The first product works by streaming music via Bluetooth from the source, however if it doesn’t have stereo Bluetooth, a Bluetooth USB dongle and line-in RCA jack is also included. The DS1120 will sell for around…

Tech Digest solves your Christmas woes: top five laptops

Christmas is fast approaching, and every day until the Big Overeating Day, we’re going to feature a top five list of products you may be thinking of buying those you’re obligated to provide for. Ahh, it’s a wonderful thing, this Christmas malarky.

Today…laptops! Specifically, the best laptops money can buy in time for the 25th of December.

1.) HP Pavilion dv2600 Special Entertainment notebook – it may be a mouthful by name, but by…