US TikTok users unhappy at proposed sale, some Chinese EVs ‘almost uninsurable’


American politicians are being inundated with calls from TikTok users unhappy at plans to force its parent company to sell the social media app. A bill that would mandate the sale within six months or see TikTok facing a ban was approved by a US congressional panel on Thursday. Earlier, users of the app had received a notification urging them to act to “stop a TikTok shutdown.” A congressional aide told the BBC their office had received dozens of calls. One Congressman said he had been contacted by children over the matter. BBC 

Claims that artificial intelligence will help solve the climate crisis are misguided, with the technology instead likely to cause rising energy use and turbocharge the spread of climate disinformation, a coalition of environmental groups has warned. Advances in AI have been touted by big tech companies and the United Nations as a way to help ameliorate global heating…However, a new report has cast doubt over whether the AI revolution will have a positive impact upon the climate crisis, warning that the technology will spur growing energy use from data centers and the proliferation of falsehoods about climate science. The Guardian 

Serious shortcomings have been identified with the level of technical and parts support for new Chinese car brands in the UK, making certain electric cars almost uninsurable, and others much more expensive than they should be. The BYD Seal is one example of a new Chinese model that is hard to get covered, with very few insurance companies prepared to underwrite it. BYD told us it is aware that customers may be experiencing issues, and it held a recent event for insurers showcasing its UK parts and repairs strategy. AutoExpress 

Apple won’t let your iPhone update software installed by third-party app stores if you leave the European Union for more than 30 days. In an update to its support page, Apple says you can continue using apps from alternative marketplaces while traveling for long periods — but you’ll need to come back to the EU to get the latest version. Shortly after the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) went into effect on Wednesday, users noticed an Apple support page stating users would “lose access to some features” when leaving the EU “for short-term travel.” The Verge 

It sounds like science fiction. Ocean-going ships with no-one on board. But this vision of the future is coming – and sooner than you might think. You can glimpse it in a Norwegian fjord where a huge, lime-green vessel is being put through its paces. At first glance, it seems like any other ship. Look closer, though, and you suddenly see all the hi-tech kit. Cameras, microphones, radars, GPS and all manner of satellite communications. “We’ve added a lot of additional equipment and designed her especially to be what we call ‘robotic’,” says Colin Field, head of remote systems at Ocean Infinity (OI). BBC 

When Google opened its latest “campus” in Silicon Valley in 2022, it boasted about the building’s space-age design and high-tech features including a roof made entirely of solar panels. But employees at the office have a more prosaic complaint: the internet giant’s WiFi does not work. Multiple employees speaking to Reuters complained for several months that their laptops had been unable to connect to WiFi. Telegraph 

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