Gamers at risk from hearing loss, Apple overtakes Samsung as top smartphone seller


Gamers could be at risk of irreversible hearing loss
and tinnitus, according to new research. A review of worldwide studies involving more than 50,000 people concluded that sound levels are often close to or exceed safe limits. The risk is exacerbated by people typically gaming for long periods of time while impulse noises – such as gunfire – can also be very loud, experts said. The study, published in medical journal BMJ Public Health, was conducted by a team including experts from the World Health Organisation and the University of South Carolina. Sky News 

BT is abandoning mid-contract price rises linked to inflation (from this summer) after the telecoms watchdog Ofcom threatened to ban the practice. It has been one of several providers to tell customers the cost of their mobile and broadband services would increase by inflation plus a fixed percentage. But the regulator said that was confusing and price rises should be spelt out in “in pounds and pence.” BT has announced it will introduce that change from summer 2024. “This is a smart move from BT, anticipating the likely ban on inflation-linked pricing after Ofcom opened a consultation into the controversial practice late last year,” said Kester Mann, from analysis firm CCS Insight. BBC

For the first time ever, Apple has unseated Samsung—and all other smartphone manufacturers—to lead in worldwide smartphone shipments. In 2023, Apple shipped 234.6 million iPhones, capturing 20.1% market share and growing 3.7% year over year, according to IDC data. Samsung had led global smartphone unit sales for 13 years, since 2010. Every other top smartphone manufacturer failed to grow in 2023. “The biggest winner is clearly Apple,” IDC research director Nabila Popal said in a statement.

Battery passports will be mandatory for electric vehicles sold in the European Union from February 2027 to provide greater visibility of what has gone into them and where it has come from.  The digital documents will be linked to the VIN and a QR code that, when scanned with a digital device, will reveal detailed information about the sources and nature of the raw materials prior to manufacturing, along with post-manufacturing details, such as capacity and condition. The move is part of the new EU Battery Regulation. Autocar

New moto g34 5G. Image: Motorola

There’s another new phone coming to the UK and it will arrive in stores with a very eye-catching price. In fact, you’ll be able to pop the new moto g34 5G from Motorola in your pocket for just £149.99 which is a mighty bargain when compared to many other rival devices. And don’t think for one minute that its budget price means bargain basement features as there are plenty of things packed inside this cheap call maker including a speedy 120Hz screen – that’s something Apple’s £799 iPhone 15 can’t even match. Mirror 

The Tesla chief executive, Elon Musk, said he would be uncomfortable growing the automaker to be a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics without having at least 25% voting control of the company, nearly double his current stake. Musk said on Monday in a post on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that unless he got stock in the world’s most valuable automaker that was “enough to be influential, but not so much that I can’t be overturned”, at Tesla, he would prefer to build products outside of the electric-vehicle manufacturer. The Guardian

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