1 in 6 Brits use TikTok to craft witty OOO emails


Out-of-office (OOO) emails used to be seen as a mandatory and mundane task that employees were required to implement ahead of their annual leave.

But, thanks to social media sites like TikTok, employees are adopting a much more creative and comedic approach to crafting their OOO emails.

Videos of quirky office humour have been going viral on the video-sharing app in recent months, raking in millions of views and thousands of comments.

“Knock knock. Who’s there? Not Me”, “Right email, wrong timing”, and ‘ERROR 404: Employee Not Found” are some of the most viral OOO email responses that have made waves online, with Gen Z getting most of the credit for popularising the trend of humorous and sarcastic OOO emails.

And now, a new survey by the experts at language learning platform Preply has revealed that just over one in six (15.06%) Brits admit to using TikTok to craft their automated OOO emails. 

The survey revealed that Gen Z workers (aged 16-24) are the most likely to utilise TikTok to help them craft witty OOO responses (33.61%), with Gen X employees (aged 45-54) being the least likely (4.88%).

The results found that Gen X workers are most likely to use professional templates for their OOO emails (25.20%) which may have been standard practice throughout their careers. 

Professional templates were the most common source overall for automated email responses (38.86%) with memes (11.77%) and jokes (12.28%) being revealed as the least popular overall.

The most popular source for OOO emails:


Chris Price
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