Range Anxiety to be ‘thing of the past’, LG to announce 98inch TV at CES


Fear of running out of battery far from the nearest charging point is the stuff of nightmares for many electric car drivers.  But so-called range anxiety will soon become a “thing of the past”, according to the AA, as the number of breakdown calls for low batteries plummeted this year. Only 2.3pc of emergency callouts by electric vehicle (EV) drivers to the AA for the year ending October were because of batteries running out of power, new data shows, down from 4.3pc in 2021 and 8.3pc in 2015. Telegraph 

Apple has won the right to import two of its most popular smartwatches into the United States, after the appeals court paused a previous ban on imports. The tech giant was ordered in October to stop importing and selling Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches, following a complaint from medical-monitoring technology company Masimo that it had infringed patents. Masimo accused Apple of hoovering up its employees, stealing its pulse oximetry technology and incorporating it into Apple watches. Sky News 

With just days to go before CES 2024, news of 2024’s flagship TVs is beginning to drop – and one of the first manufacturers to unveil its 2024 flagships is LGLG’s new QNED range for 2024 is topped by a truly massive 98-inch model, but of course there are more modestly sized models too: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 86 inches respectively. The big upgrade here is the new a8 AI processor, which LG says delivers a 1.3-fold increase in AI performance, a 2.3-fold improvement in graphics performance and 1.6 times faster processing.  Tech Radar 

US news organisation the New York Times is suing ChatGPT-owner OpenAI over claims its copyright was infringed to train the system. The lawsuit, which also names Microsoft as a defendant, says the firms should be held responsible for “billions of dollars” in damages. ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) “learn” by analysing a massive amount of data often sourced online. The BBC has approached OpenAI and Microsoft for comment. The lawsuit claims “millions” of articles published by the New York Times were used without its permission to make ChatGPT smarter. BBC 

OnePlus will introduce Ace 3 in China next week, and we finally know more details about the smartphone. The brand shared the display specs, revealing it will be the very same top-tier OLED panel used in the OnePlus 12. The panel is officially called 8T LTPO and comes with 800 nits manual brightness and 1,600 nits in Auto mode. The most impressive feat is the 4,500 nits peak brightness; the panel even got an A+ mark from DisplayMate. 

OnePlus Ace 3 display specs OnePlus Ace 3 display specs OnePlus Ace 3 display specs OnePlus Buds 3 teaser
OnePlus Ace 3 display specs & OnePlus Buds 3 teaser

The phone is expected to arrive as a OnePlus 12R in late January alongside the global variant of the OnePlus 12 flagship. GSM Arena

On 7 October 1779 a letter appeared in Berrow’s Worcester Journal. “To the printer,” wrote a disgruntled reader. “I take the liberty of informing you and the public that the account of a melancholy accident happening to a poor man at Evesham which was inserted in your last paper is utterly devoid of foundation.” Reports of a man falling in a vat of boiling ale were, it turned out, greatly exaggerated, published on the back of an anonymous tip. But now the journal, which lays claim to being the oldest surviving newspaper in the world, says it has a cutting-edge new method to help reporters get out of the office and check their facts: artificial intelligence. Guardian 

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