Elon Musk’s X sued by social network with same name


Elon Musk’s X Corp, the company formerly known as Twitter, is being sued by another social network also named X, a lawsuit filed in a federal court revealed. The lawsuit, filed by a Florida-based ad agency X Social Media LLC, alleged that the popular social media platform violates Florida common law because of “unfair competition and trademark and service mark infringement”. It also accused the company owned by Mr Musk of violating Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUPTA). Independent

Employers who spy on staff have been threatened with fines by the privacy watchdog amid a rise in home working. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said it will “take action” against companies that conduct “excessive” monitoring of workers following an uptick in bosses tracking calls, messages and keystrokes since Covid.  Emily Keaney, deputy commissioner at the ICO, said: “As the data protection regulator, we want to remind organisations that business interests must never be prioritised over the privacy of their workers. Telegraph 

Apple is blaming a software bug and issues tied to apps like Instagram and Uber for causing its recently released iPhone 15 models to get too hot. The company said over the weekend that it is working on an update to the iOS17 system that powers the iPhone 15 line-up to prevent the devices from becoming uncomfortably hot and is working with apps that are running in ways “causing them to overload the system”. Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, modified its social media app earlier this week to prevent it from heating up the device on the latest iPhone operating system. Sky News

The Google Pixel 8 range is set to debut this week, bringing the latest and greatest features to the line up. If you were hoping for a surprise reveal though, you’re probably disappointed. A slew of leaks mean we’ve got a pretty clear picture of what is coming from the brand, short of any big departures on the day. Now, a video has surfaced online, showing the Pixel 8 being unboxed. The YouTube Short from PBKreviews shows off the unboxing in an ASMR style, while also giving us a good look at everything users will find in the box with their new handset. T3.com

If you are a die-hard Gundam fan
, prepare yourself because you can now experience becoming a Gundam yourself in real life but only if you are dedicated enough to spend $3 million. With their sleek and awe-inspiring design, Gundams are the ultimate embodiment of power and technology and one tech expert was so inspired that he got his company to make a real one. A startup based in Tokyo, Tsubame Industries, is selling a four-wheeled, 4.5-meter-tall (14.8-foot) robot that resembles “Mobile Suit Gundam” from the hugely popular Japanese animated series, for $3 million. GeoTV

UK store The Snowboard Shop has pulled Onewheel electric skateboards from sale with immediate effect following a recall in the US. US watchdog the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled all 300,000 of the devices that have been sold, after four people died while riding them. It said Onewheels posed a crash hazard that could result in serious injury or death. The Snowboard Shop told the BBC it would contact its UK customers. BBC 


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