IMOU launches 360° pan and tilt camera Rex 3D for £49

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Smart IoT solution and service provider IMOU has today launched the latest addition to its range, the Rex 3D. The smart pan & tilt indoor security camera is the first that is equipped with IMOU SENSE, a self-developed AI algorithm.

IMOU claims its AI solution means the Rex 3D has a recognition accuracy of 99% for human figures and pets. It recognizes objects and processes data in 20 milliseconds (0.02 seconds) and can quickly find human and pet targets in images, immediately sending a notification to the app within 0.6 seconds.

360° Smart Tracking 

The Rex 3D has two levels of image quality, 3MP and 5MP. With live monitoring and a panoramic pan & tilt feature, Rex 3D ensures every corner of a user’s home is completely covered. The 8x digital zoom, 1080P sensor and advanced IR algorithms provide clear video both day and night, the manufacturer claims.

In smart tracking mode, the Imou Life App can be turned on, allowing the Rex 3D to automatically track and record movement and abnormal events after detecting an unrecognized object. Users will receive real-time notifications when someone breaks in and can check the recordings to track the whole process.


The Rex 3D automatically rotates between 355° horizontally to view every corner of users’ homes, with this full range ensuring there are no blind spots. Users can conveniently turn on Auto-Cruise in the Imou App, allowing them to plan their security schedule remotely.

There are six favourite points available to set via the app, and cruising time can be changed here. When this mode is turned on, Rex 3D will automatically rotate the camera between the selected favorite points to cover important areas within the set period. The retention time can be set at each favorite point for 10-300 seconds.

Active Deterrence 

When the active deterrence mode is turned on, as soon as a moving object appears on the monitor, the Rex 3D will automatically emit a high-decibel alarm sound (100 dB) to deter the intruder, and at the same time push a notification to the app. 

In addition, users can set detection zones they want to monitor on the app, which helps avoid false alarms. Users can customise the alarm tone with each tone lasting no more than 10 seconds.

Full Duplex (FDx) Two-way Talk

The Rex 3D has a built-in Hi-fi microphone and HD resolution for clear two-way video communication. The built-in speaker and microphone allow users to interact with pets and family, or to dissuade unwelcome guests.

Privacy Mode

It is also possible to rotate the lens of the Rex 3D to face down with one tap on the Imou Life App to disable recording and monitoring. The physical shield and technical cutting flow also provides users with more privacy. 

Multiple Storage Methods Supported

Recorded videos can be stored remotely in the cloud, with the data strictly encrypted. Alternatively, users can use an SD card up to 256 GB which supports 24 hours of continuous video recording and local saving. Once the storage is full, the old recordings will be covered with new ones. 

The IMOU Rex 3D is available to buy from B&Q and Very for £49.99.


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