Tech Digest daily roundup: Photographer says prize-winning image AI-generated

Boris Eldagsen’s award-winning picture. Photograph: © Boris Eldagsen, Germany

A photographer is refusing a prestigious award after admitting to being a “cheeky monkey” and generating the prize-winning image using artificial intelligence. The German artist Boris Eldagsen revealed on his website that he was not accepting the prize for the creative open category, which he won at last week’s Sony world photography awards. The winning photograph depicted two women from different generations in black and white. In a statement on his website, Eldagsen said he “applied as a cheeky monkey” to find out if competitions would be prepared for AI images to enter. The Guardian 

Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch software update could be a big one according to a new report. In fact, the watchOS 10 release is expected to be so big that it’ll be the most significant change to the Apple Watch operating system since the device launched in 2015. With Apple expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 9 and possibly the successor to the Apple Watch Ultra in the autumn of 2023, it’s watchOS 10 that will power them. The update is also set to be made available to older Apple wearables as well, bringing a number of as-yet unconfirmed changes to them all. PocketLint

Elon Musk has shared more details about his rumoured and much anticipated ChatGPT rival, an AI platform he now says will be called TruthGPT. Musk’s platform is designed to take on Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google’s Bard, and Musk’s announcement comes shortly after he signed an open letter urging AI labs like OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, to slow down development due to what he said were “profound risks” to wider society posed by the increasingly capable AI engines. In an April 17 interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Musk explained that he is “going to start something which I call Truth GPT or a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe”. Tech Radar

The Volkswagen ID.7 is one of those cars that’s relevant to some rather disparate areas of the car market. When viewed from the more premium end – primarily the similarly-sized, similarly long-range Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQE – the VW seems rather splendid on all fronts, especially its relatively low cost. But shift your perspective to view it from slightly smaller yet similarly priced electric saloons such as the Hyundai Ioniq 6BMW i4, Polestar 2 and even the Tesla Model 3, and the case for the VW is much harder. Telegraph 

Will Apple launch its latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models at WWDC this June? Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks so. According to the Mac watcher Apple is working on three new versions of its best laptops: a 15-inch MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Air and a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the plan is to launch at least some of those models at the annual developer conference. Gurman doesn’t have specifications for any of these devices just yet, but says in his  newsletter the 15-inch MacBook Air will be launching in advance of the M3 processor being ready so it will “probably” have a chip “in line with” the M2.



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