How to Choose the Best Sports Betting App


Figure 1 Betting apps are far more convenient

When sports betting firms went online it was a moment that revolutionized the industry. Suddenly the demographics for gambling became so much more open than ever before. The convenience and accessibility gave millions of people the opportunity to take a look for themselves.

There has been a similar event in the US over the last few years. Thanks to a Supreme Court judgement, individual states now have the chance to choose where sports betting can be legal or not – and many have decided it can be. This has coincided with the best sports betting apps in the USA becoming available. The results have been astounding.

But how do you know whether a sports betting app is any good or not? Here is a quick guide to some of the factors to consider when choosing an app.

Promotions and Offers

If you are new to online sports betting, this is what you will probably be made aware of first. Bookmakers love to entice potential new customer account holders with bonuses and offers of free bets or deposit matches. Unsurprisingly, these promotions are very popular – and successful.

The first thing to say is that all of these offers and promotions are completely above board, no matter how extravagant they seem. But you should check the terms and conditions before you sign up for a new account. The wagering requirements can sometimes be a lot to deal with – and you need to know what is expected of you for that bonus.

Betting Options

This is an obvious – but very important – factor to consider when choosing a new sports betting app. Most bookmakers will seem to offer the same betting options but there will be subtle differences that can be the reason why you should pick one over another.

You obviously want a wide range of betting markets on offer. But they should be for what you are more likely to bet on. You may find that some apps specialize in particular sports – or even esports, if that is your thing. Make sure you will actually be able to bet on something after you have signed up.

Live Streaming

This is one of the betting app features that will really make it stand out from the pack. Live betting has become big business in recent years, as customer account holders have begun to prefer betting on sports events that have already begun. With ever-changing odds, there is a skill in timing the bet just right.

One way to help with timing the bet to perfection and capturing the best odds available is being able to watch the action as it unfolds. Some betting apps have live streaming facilities, meaning you can place more informed bets. At the very least you are able to watch live sports on your phone.

Speed and Navigation

All mobile apps need to be easy to navigate and as responsive as possible. But it might be even more important for sports betting apps, partly due to the reasons we have just outlined. With live betting so popular, a speedy app is crucial so as not to miss out on the best odds.

Users need to be able to find the correct market and place a bet in the shortest time possible to maximize their potential winnings. There is no point in offering lots of betting options if the actual usability is poor. A sports betting app has to be fast and reliable – above almost everything else.

Figure 2 A poor customer service experience can be a deal breaker

Customer Service

This last factor to consider when choosing a sports betting app might not be as exciting as some of the others. But a good customer service team can be just as rewarding as that enticing welcome bonus claimed when you first sign up for a new betting account.

You probably won’t have to regularly get in touch with the help team. But when you do, you want it to be easy, quick and efficient – using the contact method that you prefer. You also absolutely need it to be a 24/7 service. As with everything betting app-related, it should be convenient for you as the user.


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