Elon Musk completes $44 million Twitter deal. 5 social media sites launched by celebs


The world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk has completed a $44 billion takeover of the social media site, Twitter.  The deal comes after months of talks and rumours of Musk’s takeover, and the entrepreneur seems to have fittingly declared its completion with a cryptic tweet, “the bird is freed”.

Musk is expected to make several changes to the way Twitter operates, with one big change being the removal of bans for several high-profile Twitter accounts, including Donald Trump. He has also fired Twitter’s top executives, including the CEO Parag Agrawal

This acquisition coincides with rapper, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) entering talks to purchase Parler – the social media app described as an alt-tech alternative to Twitter, which is commonly associated with users who hold conservative or politically right-leaning beliefs.

However, buying out popular social media sites is not the only way that celebrities can make it big in this sector, as several more famous faces have started their own social media apps from scratch.

With this in mind, together with the team at Business Name Generator we reveal the names of five famous people who launched their own social media apps.

1. Maisie Williams – Daisie

Much like her Game of Thrones character, Arya Stark, actress Maisie Williams is never one to shy away from adventure, and that includes her work as an entrepreneur.

Launched in 2019, Williams’ very own social network app ‘Daisie’ aims to provide a platform for creatives looking to share and develop their work with other people in their industry.

Daisie is targeted at anyone with a creative profession, from actors and filmmakers to architects and food fanatics.

2. Jeremy Renner – The Jeremy Renner App

Hawkeye actor, Jeremy Renner created his own app in 2017, which was intended to be a place for fans of the actor to interact with both each other and Renner himself.

The app was very short-lived, however, and was forced to be shut down in 2019 after online trolls discovered and ridiculed it.

3. Logan Paul – SplitMoji

After making a name for himself on YouTube, content creator Logan Paul had more ideas about how he could spice up the social media scene by launching SplitMoji in 2016.

The app allows users to create their own personalised emojis, GIFs and stickers which can be added to other social media messaging services for users to exchange between friends.

4. Kim Kardashian – Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Keen entrepreneurs, the Kardashian family are no strangers to daring business ventures and in 2014 Kim launched her own online mobile game with social media elements.

The app was designed to create an online community of Kardashian fans who could connect with each other whilst having fun playing the interactive game.

5. Snoop Dogg – Snoopify

The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper launched his own interactive app in typical good humour. ‘Snoopify’ allows users to add cartoonish stickers to their own photos to make themselves look more like Snoop Dogg.

Once fans have ‘Snoopified’ their photos, the app encourages users to share their pictures on the social media site of their choice.

Chris Price
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