iOS vs. Android Casino

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Several years ago, online gamblers had to sit in a room with a computer to play games at online casinos. The players didn’t need to travel to physical casinos, but betting at online casinos meant being stuck in front of your computer screen. Fortunately, smartphone gambling has made things easier.

About 60% of gamblers worldwide use their smartphones to bet on casino games in the current gambling market. However, smartphone gamblers struggle to understand whether to use Android or iOS apps.

Here are the differences between Android and iOS casino apps.

Apps available

When accessing online casinos using your smartphone, some operators offer apps that can be installed on your device to give you access to the games available. For Android users, getting access to mobile apps is easy but tricky. Google Play doesn’t offer casino games or apps, except for countries like France and the United Kingdom.

Gambling apps are not accessible on the Google Play store to the rest of the world. However, many casino operators offer these apps directly from their official websites for the players to download. Additionally, most casino operators largely concentrate on android users, meaning there are more android apps than iOS.

iOS apps, on the other hand, are available from the App Store. However, Apple requires developers to create iOS casino apps in their native language, which makes it more complicated and discourages many developers. Most developers prefer using HTML5 technology, which is affordable.

Playing through the browser

When it comes to wagering through the mobile browser, both Android and iOS are extremely popular. Thanks to mobile technology advancements, casino players can load any casino game on their browser and start playing. Players will only need an internet connection and a mobile web browser to start gambling. However, there are no major differences between betting on your browser using android or iOS devices.

Remember that android phones are the most popular smartphones, holding 75% of the market share, while iOS controls 25%. Native operating system browsers like Chrome and Safari will allow you to load casino games without an issue, but gaming that way on Apple devices has proven better. The games feel and look more sophisticated on apple devices, but you’ll need a newer iPhone or iPad to get the best gambling experience, and that’s an expensive option for many gamblers.

Safety and Security

There are no major differences in the safety and security of the players. Both devices are extremely secure and allow you to play casino games anytime. However, iOS has proven safer and slightly better than Android, although they both do a great job ensuring that the players are well protected.

The safety and security of the players are important to trustworthy casino operators, which is why they must use the proper data encryption protocols and advanced security technologies. They also make sure third parties test all games for security and fairness. That means there’s no way that casinos or players can rig the games.

Android for professional gamblers

Although Android might not be famous among iOS enthusiasts, the simplicity of the operating system and gaming apps proves its worth. As most professional gamblers will tell you, Android is easy to operate, especially when playing casino games on online applications. Most android applications are less frequently updated compared to iOS, and the operating system is also compatible with a host of browsers. 

From a game development point of view, Android is easier to reference and operate while working. As a result, most casino gaming apps are first launched on Android and later launched on iOS. The quality assurance team goes through several steps to ensure that the apps fit the requirements set by Apple, but they’re likely to miss several errors, which call for frequent updates. 

Overall, game developers work on iOS casino games twice as hard as they rebuild everything from the original version. That’s because Android is more favored for app development, and the end results prove to be much better. As such, Android might just be what you need if you’re looking to maximize your experience. 

Is iOS any good? 

In reality, iOS offers a lot of advantages. Most people use iPhones because of their unique appearance and ability to pair them with other Apple products. Nonetheless, all game developers and programmers will tell you that creating games for iOS isn’t the easiest task. Apple also often updates its products, upgrading over two times a year. 

Still, game developers must consider every update. Some of these updates include drastic changes, which explains why lots of iOS products feature more unresolved bugs. However, iOS casinos might appear slicker than android casinos only if programmers and developers take their time fixing different bugs. 


Both Android and iOS betting options are quite popular, safe and appealing to players. However, whether you choose iOS or Android will largely depend on your smartphone, although Android offers a more versatile and affordable user experience.

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