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Amazon’s new Kindle Scribe has been designed for reading and writing. Image: Amazon

Here we are at Amazon’s London HQ for its live stream launch from the US, starting at 17.00 BST, September 28th. Expect to hear plenty about new products and technologies, including ambient intelligence, Kindle Scribe and new QLED Fire TV… 

Kindle launched 15 years ago, designed to be distraction-free, says Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Devices and Services. Meet Kindle Scribe – the first Kindle you can write on. ‘Everything you need for reading and writing’.

Features 10.2inch screen. More words on page than ever. ‘Meant to feel like pen on paper’. Templates for ‘to do’ lists and creative writing. Will be able to send notes directly to Microsoft Word from 2023. Available from $339 by Christmas. Free 4 month subscription. Amazon device packaging completely recyclable by 2023.

‘Technology needs to be personalised and intuitive. We call this ambient intelligence,’ says Dave Limp. Needs to be pro-active, usable by anyone and personalised. 90% daily Alexa routines are initiated without customer having to say anything, he says. Health and wellness is big market for ambient intelligence. Introducing Halo Rise – smart alarm and sleep-improving product. 

No cameras. Uses sleep algorithm that can detect patterns in person’s breathing next to device. Built in environmental sensors – humidity, heat, light etc. Works with Alexa so wake up to favourite song etc. All data encrypted. Can be personalized. $139.99 later this year. 

Echo Dot Kids: Now available in Owl and Dragon designs. Image: Amazon

Echo Studio

All new Echo Studio – in new colour: Glacier White. With new custom-built spatial audio processing. New Echo Dot with  Clock – better audio quality, says Heather Zorn. With an accelerometer to pause, reset device. Temperature sensor built in. Devices can be used as WiFi extender. $49.99 (Echo Dot), $59.99 (Echo Dot with clock). Echo Dot for Kids ($59.99) – new kids characters: Owl and Dragon (pictured above). Hey Disney will be compatible with Magic Band. 

Alexa can allow you to customise kids’ books – thanks to advances in conversational audio processing. 

Echo Auto ($54.99) – new flexible design, for hands free messaging etc. Use it to call roadside assistance. ‘Cars will be designed more by their software, in the future.’ Partnership with BMW – now in 3rd generation. Use of Alexa customer assistant. Theater experience in BMW 7 series with 32inch screen in rear. 


Last year we launched Amazon Astro, says Amazon’s Ken Washington. Alexa Together – up to 10 caregivers for each device. Astro can learn about things in your home and alert you by text or image if doors or windows left open. Astro will be able to detect cats and dogs too – send videos of what they are up to. Working with 3 robotic schools. 

Ring and Blink

Ring launched Virtual Security Guard last year. Now integration with Astro means the robot will go to the area where the intruder is. Has 2 way communication so you can talk to burglar! Also launch of Ring Spotlight Cam Pro ($229). Coming to the UK soon, the Spotlight Cam Pro Battery and Plug-In are available for pre-order today, starting at £199.99, with Solar and Wired options available for purchase in the coming months..Learn more here

From Blink comes Mini Pan and Tilt ($29.99) and Blink Wired Floodlight Camera ($99.95) 

Eero built in to new devices including Ring Alarm Pro. Eero offers internet back up, switching to 4G automatically if home wifi goes down. More than 140,000 compatible Alexa devices. Compatibility with Matter which is a new standard. Works with Philips Hue and other devices. 

Fire TV 

Fire TV coming to Echo Show 15. Also new Fire TV Cube – with new octacore processor. Super resolution upscaling. Hands-free control via 4 microphone array. Support Wi-Fi 6e for less interference. Can connect other devices. HDMI input and support for hearing aids extended. October = $139.99

New Alexa Voice Remote Pro – comes with new backlight to find in the dark. Shortcuts for automation processes such as closing blinds. $34.99 from November. 

Fire TV Omni QLED – QLED display with Dolby Vision, adaptive brightness. Comes with 1500 landscapes ‘which look stunning on QLED’. Or background can be family photos. TV will switch on/off when you walk in/out room. Leave sticky notes for family members or bring up your schedule using widgets. 65inch and 75inch models starting from $799 (US and Canada). 

That’all folks. Full write up to follow tomorrow. 




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