9 Ways in which Good Packaging Can Benefit FMCG Companies

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The importance of packaging cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to marketing. Over the years, companies have become aware of its importance.

Many still think of packaging as a means to secure products. But in truth, packaging has now become an integral part of marketing. With the increase in online shopping, we are now seeing how FMCG companies are reaping the benefits.

The year of packaging has shown us what good packaging can do for brands.

We have discussed in detail how goof packaging is benefiting FMCG companies. Keep reading to explore the purpose of packaging and how it can help you boost your business.

Provides Protection

The first and foremost benefit that packaging offers is protection. In fact, it was the sole purpose why humans started packing goods.

For FMCG companies, this is a feature that can make or break their brands.

There’s no benefit of packaging if it cannot protect what’s inside. However, the definition of protection varies from product to product and business to business.

Good packaging provides protection against

  • Dust
  • Temperature
  • Sun exposure
  • Moisture
  • Bacteria and viruses

With good packaging, you can easily preserve their products from water, heat, and light. All you need is a good shrink packaging system to wrap your products.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Good packaging helps FMCG products stand out from the competition. With aesthetic packing, you can attract potential buyers and your product can grab their attention.

With custom packaging, you can make a good impression and lure customers.

According to industry research, products with good aesthetics have the potential to influence buyers. Packaging influenced the buying decision of 7 out of 10 customers. That’s how important packaging is for businesses and brands.

Offers Information to Consumers

Good packaging assists customers in making the right decision when they are looking for ideal products. The purpose is achieved by offering useful information through labeling.

You can highlight key features of your product and the problems that it solves.

FMCG companies use packaging to mention the ingredients of products to help consumers. They provide information on how to use the product or what precautions they must take before using it.

Packaging also includes warning and helpline info and acts as a source of information.

Builds Brand Awareness

The first impression of your products tells a lot of things to your customers. Customers relate to the message that brands are trying to convey through packing.

Packaging allows businesses to give their products a personal touch. With a unique logo or color palette, they can represent your brand story.

Aside from the aesthetics, customized packaging helps in building brand value. Markets are filled with similar products and the only way a business can make its products stand out is through good packaging.

Creates an Impressive Experience

We are living in an era where digital media is an integral part of marketing. The key to selling more products is by offering an immersive visual experience through packaging.

Customers, especially influencers, tend to make unboxing videos of their newly bought products. This is the kind of marketing where your packaging plays a vital role.

If your product is wrapped with a packing that exudes a unique look, the viewers will take more interest. Thus, you can expand your market reach by simply having quirky traits in your design. This can be done by using creative writing, catchy images, or a unique packing layout.

Prevents Transport Damage

FMCG companies have to move, store, transport, and distribute their products. A product’s journey from warehouse to market and customers is full of risks. That’s where good packaging comes in handy and prevents transport damages.

Good packaging adds strengths to ensure that products can endure transport stress. Moreover, packaging provides the opportunity to improve the durability of sensitive products. It allows companies to make the transportation process more convenient for suppliers and sellers.

A shrink packaging system is also good for wrapping and preserving products.

Reduces Shipping Costs

Yes, it is true!

Customized packaging can reduce shipping costs and can prove more cost-effective. This is true when you are delivering lightweight or small products.

The first challenge businesses face while packing small products is finding the perfect box. Although packaging boxes are available in various sizes, they aren’t as good as custom packing.

Also, pre-made packaging boxes may not prevent your product from sun exposure or transport damage. On the other hand, secure boxes will add more weight and thus will cost more.

But this can be avoided with customized packaging. You can ensure the safety of products and won’t have to pay extra for additional weight.

Builds Positive Image

Today’s consumers are more conscious about carbon footprint and the environment. Especially the young generation, prefer buying products brands that focus on eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging has become popular in recent years and brands are following this trend. Sustainable packaging is helping businesses build a positive image of their businesses.

Aside from the environmental benefits, such packaging also has monetary benefits. In fact, surveys have shown that customers prefer buying expensive products just because of eco-friendly packaging.

Moreover, you can earn customer loyalty and ensure sustainable revenue for years to come. This is however only possible when brands are using eco-friendly packaging.

Creates Sense of Security

FMCG Companies move and deliver perishable or non-durable products to consumers. But customers won’t trust a brand and buy from it if the packaging is not good.

Good packaging creates a sense of security in the minds of buyers. So, make sure you have a properly sealed packing with all the necessary information.

One of the major purposes of packaging is to secure products from foreign elements. Brands can generate more sales and revenue if their packaging can ensure the quality of products.

Takeaway Words

For FMCG companies, product safety, cost, and weight of production are the key points. Good packaging can help with all these while creating a strong brand image. A tempting packaging with an appealing design can attract customers and build credibility for a brand.

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