Cheese and onion crisps top snack for streaming content

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In what seems like perhaps the weirdest – and most pointless – survey in a long time, EE has revealed which snacks we like to eat while watching a TV show or film on our smartphones. 

No surprise that crisps come out top (41%), though – perhaps more surprisingly – Cheese and Onion are the favoured flavour (32%), beating Salt & Vinegar (28%) and Ready Salted (24%) to the top of the podium.

The nation’s least favourite TV or film watching snack is a pie, picked by just 1.5% of the public likely due to greasy fingers on their smartphones, which 45% of Brits said was their biggest snack bugbear when watching TV or movies on the move.

Ranked in order of the top 10, EE has also given them a handy star rating (1 least good to 5 very good) based on crunch factor, crumbliness, stickiness, portability and greasiness:

The findings are supported by EE’s network data, which shows that video and TV usage is on the rise, and, as pandemic restrictions lift, is set to only grow. EE recorded a new record level of video usage on its mobile network on January 2nd 2022, as people continued to recover after New Year’s Eve.

The network data and research findings have been revealed in support of EE’s Full Works plan which features a Netflix Smart benefit that customers can choose as part of their plan – designed for those wanting to get the most from the latest Android flagship smartphones.

Customers purchasing eligible 5G smartphones on a Full Works plan are able to choose three Smart benefits simultaneously as part of their plan. For example, customers can choose  Netflix, Apple Music and BT Sport Ultimate with a combined value of over £25 per month. In addition to this, customers will get uncapped and unlimited high-speed mobile data, and the option to upgrade to a new phone anytime they want.

Says Alistair Wilson, Director of Devices & Partnerships at EE:

 “With restrictions lifting and Netflix available in our Full Works plans – travelling, waiting for the bus and commuting all give us the perfect time to catch-up on TV and films via our smartphones. However, having the right snack to accompany it is critical, so that’s why we surveyed the nation to see what people think is the ultimate mobile munch to complement their viewing experience when on the move.”

For more information on EE’s Full Works plan, visit:

Chris Price