Fido of the Future: 7 High-Tech Devices For Your New Dog

The Furbo (above) is a treat-tossing dog camera. Image: Furbo

Deciding to bring a puppy into your home is a momentous decision. It’s not only a lifelong commitment but choosing whether to offer our heart to the sad-eyed rescue dog or to succumb to the charm of a purebred pup from a reputable breeder like Snowy Pines ( is a nailbiting decision to undertake before you even bring your new pooch home. 

Regardless of which pet you choose, being prepared for their arrival is the first step. 

Essential pup-welcoming tools checklist

Your new pup will provide you with unconditional love, companionship, hours of amusement, and mischief. As a new dog parent, you need to provide the essentials. 

For example, should you go for a dog collar or a harness? Certainly, for smaller or more anxious breeds a harness will provide extra security. However, it may take you a few tries to acclimate your dog to the experience of wearing their new gear.

Leashes are another must to keep your dog safe. You can accessorize a leash to match the pup’s fun personality or even your outfit. There’s some debate about the safety and efficacy of retractable leashes, so it would be wise to research before purchasing one. 

When it comes to food time, stainless steel or ceramic bowls are excellent. Look for bowls with a rubber base or tray to prevent sliding. Your next priority is taking care of bedtime. 

Even though they have fewer boundaries than cats, dogs still need their own space. Even if dogs eventually worm their way onto the sofa or bed, they need their own bed and kennel to feel secure.

Gates are ideal for training your puppy in their new environment without overwhelming them. You can also use treats to reward and calm your puppy as they adjust to the new surroundings. Something high in protein can give your puppy a healthy energy boost and a snack all in one. 

You’ll also want to avoid any unfortunate accidents in your pet’s first few weeks at home. Pet pads assist you and your puppy’s house training habits until you can train them up to speed. Regardless of where you go, your puppy will need poop bags. Keep one in every pocket.

Lastly, you’ll want some toys for your pet. Toys are the fun part of dog ownership, as many pet parents love to spoil their tail-wagging ‘children’ with tug-ropes and squeaky toys. 

Now that you’ve assembled the basics to welcome your new pet, there are a few higher-tech gadgets that could give you a boost in your dog ownership journey. 

Techy toys and gadgets

Sharing our homes with pets brings us joy. Technology has also infiltrated the consumer pet market and provides gear to stretch our bond and fascination with our dogs even further.

Handheld pet hair vacuum

You may love snuggling with Fido on the couch, but you’re probably less enthusiastic about piles of dog fur flying into the air every time you sit. Investing in a handheld vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer for pet owners with shaggy or long-haired dogs. 

Remote monitoring devices 

You’re probably familiar with doorbells that record your front door at the first sign of movement, but did you know that you can bring this technology inside the home? If you’ve ever wished you could say ‘Hi’ to your dog from your desk, wish no longer. These devices allow you to check on your pet and even talk to them using your smartphone. 

Lighted dog collar 

If you and your puppy are fans of late-night jogs or walks during the sunset, you might want to invest in a dog collar with a light. These collars light the ground in front of your pet’s paws, allowing them an easier time seeing. 

Activity trackers 

Many dogs require a certain amount of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy, and an activity tracker can help you stay on top of your dog’s physical requirements. 

Pet tracker 

You’ll likely have a microchip inside your family pet, but sometimes it’s better to have the keys to their location in your pocket. Using a pet tracker on your dog’s collar, you can access their location at any time using your smartphone. 

Remote treat dispenser

Wonder if your dog is thinking about you during the long workday? Using a remote treat dispenser, you can let your puppy know you’re thinking about him even from miles away. 

Self-moving ball 

If you work from home or you’re otherwise occupied when your pup wants to play, you can use a self-moving ball or toy to keep your fur baby busy while you attend to other matters. 

Welcome home

For some, imagining a home without a pet is simply not an option. Whether a purebred white lab pup stole your heart or you chose to adopt from a shelter, these tools will help make your new friend feel safe and loved. 


Tech Digest Correspondent