Asian Countries and the Online Gambling Industry


The Asian online gambling industry is gaining traction by the day, although it’s seemingly a new legal idea across the continent. Most Asian countries haven’t legalized online gambling at the federal level, leaving a vast potential of untapped possibilities. However, there’s increased attention and concerted effort from a web of countries commencing its complete legalization. Here’s an insight into the Asian online gambling industry and everything you need to know about it.

An Overview of the Online Gaming Industry in Asia

Thanks to the internet, technology and the growing middle class, online gambling in Asia seems to be proliferating. However, it’s met more formidable obstacles through its path, primarily due to abrasive cultures and religious principles all stacked against it. Despite that, countries like India are integrating online betting within society, and that’s evident in the collection of legal games to bet on, including lotteries and horse racing. Other countries are following suit, including Thailand.

Why are Most Asian Countries Tough on Online Gambling? 

Most Asian countries are either Buddhist or Islamic, with strict principles standing in the way of online gambling. In all fairness, it’s caused friction among the people and authorities, with most of them arguing that it violates the general principles of national religions. A vast majority of countries with colossal Muslim believers rebuke betting in general as it stands against Sharia law. Countries like China have that principle from their moral core and don’t legally give the green light on gambling in general. However, gambling still takes place, and people still bet on games and sports online.

Which Countries Have Given the Go-Ahead on Online Gambling?

Many Asian countries have given the green light to online gambling. However, a few still aren’t open to the idea – at least, not entirely. However, countries like Thailand seem to be more appreciative of the concept, and it’s all widespread across the country. Gamblers now engage with the best gambling sites in Thailand with no limits or restrictions. Both Singapore, India and the Philippines seemingly allow foreign operators to offer iGaming services with no prohibitions. It’s provided a chance for most countries to legalize it.

Forecasts and Predictions for Online Gambling in Asia

According to forecasts, online gambling will likely be mainstream in the near future for Asia, with current trends indicating a potential surge in online gamblers. Some countries have tabled drafts to legalize online gambling entirely, and countries including India have it on the go-process. China, Bangkok, Macau and Vietnam appear more adamant with their current restrictions and unwilling to loosen the knot. The need to revamp economies and earn lump sum revenues will likely drive Asian countries to legalize this craft.


The online gambling industry is a sleeping giant with the potential to burst out with potential in the near future. However, it currently faces a pull-back due to religious and cultural perceptions against it. Most countries now have the go-ahead for online gambling globally, and hopefully, Asian continents will likely catch up in no time.


Tech Digest Correspondent