7 reasons to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner instead of any other vacuum cleaner

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First of all, it’s convenient. And secondly, this is not the only advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner.

1. Mobility

The most obvious advantage of any cordless model: you can freely move around the whole apartment with this vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter where your electrical outlets are located. The vacuum cleaner has a built-in rechargeable battery instead of a plug socket. After cleaning it can be quickly recharged.

And it is convenient not only at home. This vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean car covers right in your car – no need to spend money on a separate gadget.

2. You can go anywhere – even the mezzanine

To get rid of the dust on the closets or mezzanine, on curtains or curtain rods, a regular vacuum cleaner has to invent the whole construction of stepladders, stools, and faith in their vestibular apparatus. After all, it’s not enough to hoist the vacuum cleaner to the top – you need to climb to a higher place to control it.

A cordless vacuum is lighter, so you can hold it in your hand without lifting it too much. The long handle also makes it easy to pick up dust while standing on the floor or on a low, stable bench. And if you just sit on a window sill, you can easily go through curtains with the vacuum cleaner. And yes, it doesn’t matter if there is a power outlet nearby.

3. Versatility

The most advanced corded vacuum cleaners often come with a whole bunch of extra brushes. But with them it is very difficult to vacuum everywhere: the nozzle is not at the right angle, the hose prevents the turn.

Wireless models do not have such a problem. They can be used even to vacuum the shelves in cabinets, clean the dust from the walls, behind the paintings, inside the couch. That is, in places where you are used to getting along with a wet wipe or turn a blind eye to the dirt until the general cleaning.

In this case, cordless vacuums handle garbage, crumbs, and dust with the same quality as their advanced professional “progenitors”. The modern compact models have advanced systems of multistage filtration: from the metal mesh to the fine HEPA filters. They work with particles as small as 3 microns and remove up to 99.98% of the dust.

4. Lightweight in every sense

Weight matters. After a general cleaning with a big washing vacuum cleaner, which can weigh more than 10 kilograms together with the liquid, no fitness is needed. Compared to such a normal model with a bag seems like a gift.

But a cordless vacuum cleaner is a champion in the lightweight. With it, you can do cleaning even every day. And without effort (even a child can cope). Powerful modern models weigh about 3 pounds, and even less. And that includes the battery!

The container volume of an average cordless vacuum cleaner is up to 0.5 liters. A powerful motor provides a quality compression of the dust in the container. And even when the bin is full, you can empty it at the touch of a button. No need to carry liters or kilos of dirt.

5. Powerful enough for thorough cleaning

The efficiency of vacuum cleaners when cleaning is often judged by the suction power. It is measured in aero watts (AW, AW). An unusual unit of measurement means the number of inches of water that a vacuum cleaner can lift with a fully closed “spout” and without attachments.

But you need to understand that the traditional models have to suck up dust through a long telescopic tube and a meter-long flexible hose, which in addition can be twisted in several places. That’s why manufacturers put a lot of power into these vacuum cleaners.

The cordless device does not need to draw dust through a long hose: it has only a rigid air duct. On average, 100 air watts for cordless models is about the same as 200 for corded models.

6. Relatively low price

Yes, there are very expensive models on the market. Many cordless vacuum cleaner manufacturers have set the bar very high – in terms of both quality and price. Fortunately, the competition Evxstore.com and many other models in the industry is growing, and quality models are appearing that are comparable in price to corded upright vacuum cleaners from the world’s leading manufacturers.

7. Compactness

 You have to step over the hose and cord all the time when using a regular vacuum cleaner. It seems like a small thing, but if you vacuum often, it’s a big waste of time and effort.

And if you vacuum while the kids are running around, or the baby is in a sling, it’s easy to miss the hose and fall. And the parts themselves can be damaged by careless handling.

Cordless models have no hoses or wires. Just a handy handle, removable rigid air duct or short elastic hose, motor unit, and electronics in a compact package. It’s easy to store this gadget: it’s slightly larger than a mop and can easily fit in a closet or on a small shelf, in a folding couch, or even under it. And you can even hang it, for example, on the balcony. After all, it comes with a handy wall mount for charging and storage.

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