How Can Smartwatches Take the Next Step Towards Becoming Mainstream?


Smartwatches are growing in popularity every year, but they are still nowhere near to being essential. While there are more than six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide, there are just over 1 billion people using wearables – with smartwatches making up a small percentage of this figure.

It seems that developers of these devices need to do something to take them to the next level and get them in every household. To achieve this, they could follow the model set by the smartphone which led to it becoming a revolutionary piece of technology.


Power of the Gambling Industry Can’t be Ignored

It can’t be denied that the online gambling industry played a massive part in boosting the success of smartphones. The rise of both industries occurred in tandem as online casino developers discovered that handheld devices were perfect for their games. The popularity of this form of gaming then helped to sell more smartphones.

Now, when you look at the list of online casinos at Betpal UK, every one of them is available to play on smartphones. Indeed, users of handheld devices make up the bulk of customers, and they are marketed to through offers and bonuses. The games are designed with the small screen in mind first and are now geared to fit it perfectly for an immersive experience.

Smartwatch developers must be wondering if there is a way for them to harness the power of this behemoth of an industry as well. It’s not just gambling games, either. Other titles such as puzzles and MMOs have also been major boosts to the growth of smartphones. The problem is, up to now, these games haven’t really had the same impact on smartwatches.

Can the Watches be Better Integrated with Games?

The primary selling point of smartwatches has always been their potential to enhance fitness. This is another thriving industry, but it’s not quite in the same ballpark as gaming yet. If smartwatch developers were able to continue with their fitness focus but also integrate games, it may lead them to attract a greater number of users.

The big question is how smartwatches could be better used as a technology to support the gaming industry. Players don’t want to play titles on the smaller screen when they are able to enjoy them on smartphones. However, the smartwatch could be integrated into the games to enhance them.

For example, when playing titles like Call of Duty Mobile, players could use their smartwatches as a radio device to communicate with other players. Another idea could be to have bonus levels appear on the smartwatch to have players tackle them in different ways. This would work well with slot games, as they often take players to a different screen when a bonus feature kicks in.


Despite the fitness industry going from strength to strength with smartwatches at their core, wearable devices may need to integrate other interests to go mainstream. Gaming was such a huge boost for smartphones, and it could have the same effect for smartwatches. Developers simply need to work out the best way to integrate games.

Tech Digest Correspondent