Prince Charles drives hydrogen powered Rasa car

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The Prince of Wales, 72, took a spin in a hydrogen-powered Rasa car as he visited an eco-vehicle firm in Wales, writes Yahoo!

The environmentally conscious Prince was introduced to the vehicle during a visit to Riversimple, a company that develops hydrogen-powered cars. On arrival at the company, Prince Charles visited the workshop where he saw a number of vehicles and learned about the production process.

Taking the two-seater car for a test-drive, Charles heard how the Rasa emits nothing but pure water vapour and is designed to minimise the particulates from tyres and brakes with its low weight, skinny tyres and high regenerative braking.

It has a range of 300 miles and is billed as being “light to handle, responsive and fun to drive” with a “nippy 0-60mph in 9.7 seconds”.

The prince, known for his green credentials, was pictured grinning as he emerged from the aerodynamic car after the opening of its sleek hi-tech butterfly doors


Riversimple is building Rasas for trials with the general public, both in Monmouthshire, where they have installed a refueller in the town centre of Abergavenny, and in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire.

It is the first in a range of vehicles, including a light commercial van and a family vehicle, that the firm plans to offer to customers on a subscription basis.

Charles was carrying out his annual summer week-long tour to Wales.

Chris Price
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