Nintendo unveils new £310 Switch with upgraded OLED screen


Nintendo has announced a new version of its Switch console with a larger, better screen. The Switch OLED Model, comes – as the name suggests – with a seven-inch OLED screen. 

This can deliver shades of black and much brighter colours than the LCD screens on current Switch devices.

The gaming giant confirmed the new device would be released on October 8 and will be priced at £310, £50/$50 more than the current model. But the new revision does not feature some of the rumoured improvements fans may have expected.

The so-called “Switch Pro” was widely expected to be announced ahead of or at this year’s E3 gaming event in June.

Despite attempts by Nintendo to downplay expectations, some rumours suggested the new model would feature more processing power and advanced processing technology which would drastically improve its graphics.

However, the OLED Model announced on Tuesday only has a range of more minor improvements.

“I think this is disappointing for users who were expecting something more powerful,” Louise Shorthouse, a senior games analyst at Ampere Analysis, told the BBC

“Given the lack of power upgrade and the small price difference between this and the flagship model, we believe the OLED version will eventually become the flagship and the original will be phased out – perhaps through 2022.”

The OLED screen, as well as offering better colours and sharper contrast then the previous LCD version, is also marginally larger – at seven inches, up from 6.2 inches.

In addition, a new white colour scheme for the detachable Joy-Con controllers has been introduced too.

Chris Price
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