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Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to be able to cast a magical spell that you can just throw on a page and generate content that influences the world? Well no maybe not – but it would be good to be able to write more effectively without having to put in so much time and effort. Here we look AI-powered tools that can help!  

Technology has transformed just about every area of our lives, and now the AI-powered tools are all set to revolutionize the content marketing space. AI-powered tools can generate awesome content, and nobody can guess that it came from a computer.

You can write your own content by dedicating long hours for research and information or hire a professional content writer with excellent knowledge. Both of these will cost you time and money. This is where AI-powered writing assistants step into the game. 

Currently, many tools claim to generate articles, blogs, and relevant words automatically, but we have tried to narrow down on the best ones. 

1) Wordsmith

Wordsmith is a natural language generation tool that turns your data into an insightful narrative. You just have to insert your data, and Wordsmith quickly converts the given data into productive narratives. Its millisecond-fast API generates, updates, and publishes your content instantly without waiting for weeks.

Wordsmith offers businesses complete control over transforming data at an unbelievable speed. Wordsmith takes your content to the next level with managed services to cover all of your narrative needs. It quickly generates written analytics by converting the data inserted into it. Industry giants like Yahoo, Microsoft, PwC use this unique tool to generate around 1.5 million articles every year. 

This handy tool generates excellent narratives, but of course this comes at a price. Wordsmith offers a paid plan where you will get over 1000 articles per month priced at the cost of $250. 

2) TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer is a writing assistant tool that helps you write engaging, high-quality, and optimized content for search engines. Over 70% of pages optimized by TextOptimizer ranked higher in just five weeks.

It allows users to tailor their content by suggesting words to add or remove, resulting in better search engine outcomes. It enables users to produce rich text using Neural Networks and Semantic Analysis and empowers them to find subjects for their next articles. Over 50,000 professionals have already embraced TextOptimizer. 

3) Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI copywriter that helps generate high-performing ads, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, ideas, and much more in seconds. It uses GPT-3 technology to provide content that connects with the readers. With Writesonic, anyone can turn into a proficient writer, it claims.

Writesonic can take your one-liners and quickly convert them into more compelling content in seconds which can help you to boost your sales. Writesonic is your personal copywriter that writes any content for you instantly. The content generated by Writesonic is also 100% original with an expert understanding of the topic. It maintains a conversational style to engage readers and hopefullly increase interaction. 

One of Writesonic’s many features is that it can write comprehensive blog posts. It is one of the first AI copywriters that also offers content for Facebook and Google Ads. Price start at $9.99/month with 75 credits and a professional plan at $35/month with unlimited credits. There’s also a free trial and a business plan for companies that need copywriting at scale.

4) AI Writer

AI Writer is a tool that generates unique text automatically that’s designed to meet your marketing needs. It helps you generate articles from scratch or improve your existing articles. You can simply input a headline or a group of keywords related to your content, and it generates a unique article using its writing bot. 

AI Writer offers highly informative articles, which can be used in blogs and other websites for better search engine results. One of AI Writer’s many features is that you can set up auto-blogging projects.

Simple and easy to use, it’s an ideal tool for short-form writers. AI Writer caters to every type of customer, and you can choose from its three different plans. The basic plan is apt for your personal blog and is priced at $19/ month. The standard plan works as your personal AI content creator and costs $49 for a monthly subscription. The third option can be customized and offers content on an enterprise scale.

5) QuillBot

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art AI. It is an expert AI tool that finds the full potential of any data and creates high-quality content. 

You don’t have to switch windows while using Quill Bot as it integrates directly into Google Docs and Chrome Extension. A natural language generation platform, Quillbot is designed to work like the human brain.

QuillBot empowers you to use the narratives to customize and create much appealing and effective content for your audience. It allows you to customize the narratives with information that’s genuinely important to the customers. It can handle any size data set, processing speed, or many stories using everyday language. 

6) Article Forge   

Article Forge is an advanced AI-powered platform to generate unique, on-topic, high-quality articles in a few seconds. Article Forge uses insightful algorithms to rewrite and enhance the content just like a human being, it claims. 

You just have to enter your keyword, optional sub-keywords, article length, and other requirements into the Article Forge system. It will then effectively generate a high-quality article that ranks higher in the search engine results. Its technology is trained using the same artificial intelligence used by Google. You can also control the topic and focus of each article written by Article Forge. Available with a five-day trial, the paid plans are priced at $324/year or $57/month, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Many copywriters, bloggers, journalists, content marketers, students, and small business owners use these tools to save time and money. Tools like Writesonic and Article Forge work as personal copywriters and offer content in multiple languages, whereas tools like AI Writer and QuillBot and make life easier with auto-blogging and easy integration. 

The technology is developing, and these writing assistants will continue to help users through various writing processes. Nevertheless the value added to the content still comes from individual attention and a human brain. 

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