Could Augmented Reality Bingo Be Possible In The Future?

Augmented reality, Gaming

With all the big things that have happened in the world of technology in the last few years, it’s easy to get optimistic about the years to come and what other exciting innovations that may take shape. One of the major advancements has been in the sphere of gaming, with specific tech such as virtual and augmented reality making strides in everything from simulated racing to roulette. Now, it’s possible that the scope of application could broaden in the future into other areas of entertainment such as bingo – how could that work?

Before getting into that, however, it’s worth taking a moment to look at the current state of play when it comes to online bingo. Looking at one of the most popular online bingo sites as a case study, it becomes possible to understand how the sphere of online bingo operates. In short, even with the movement online and the associated changes in the way the game operates, bingo has largely remained the same as a result of it largely being considered a classic game. Therefore, if any major format changes were made, the charm of bingo may well have been lost, limiting the potential for an expanding user base. The move online has notably heightened the appeal of bingo and opened up the game to a more fresh-faced audience given the increasing tech literacy in Millennials, in comparison with the more traditional player base for bingo.

The future implementation for a form of bingo that utilises augmented reality to detail a bingo card whilst playing could bring a marriage between modern execution and traditional forms and help to increase overall accessibility to the game too. A new way of playing should also sustain the interest of the current crop of players as it brings with it something different. AR tech in the past has been successfully used to add another dimension to the playing experience of handheld games consoles such as the PlayStation Vita, and it’s certainly possible that the same kind of tech, by way of using augmented reality cards, could be extended into bingo. 

However, even since the launch of the Vita several years ago, augmented-reality-associated tech has moved on. It’s now possible to utilise Google Search when looking up animals such as pandas or sharks to then place them into an environment to see their real-life size in comparison to everyday objects. The service does only work on mobile search at the moment, as a result of it utilising modern mobile phone cameras. Nonetheless, the idea acts as a nice demonstration for how the bingo experience can be brought even further into the twenty-first century. 

By utilising current examples of how augmented reality is used in all sorts of different ventures, it becomes possible to better understand how it could be applied to the context of online bingo. It can be seen as the next step in the continued reinvention and modernisation of one of the world’s most classic games.

Tech Digest Correspondent