The Best Phone Monitoring Software for Parents

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Every parent wants the best for their children and no parent would want their child to get into any kind of mischief, especially in this modern age. Today, children have access to modern technology like never before in terms of smartphones and computers.

Children also have access to the internet and this is where they can get into all kinds of trouble including, but not limited to, inappropriate activities, which could be harmful to them. The transition to online learning has further exposed children to more dangers online where they may be lured by fake adverts and inappropriate materials of which there are very many.

Parental control has become very important as well as monitoring software to ensure the children are not being exposed to harmful content and individuals. The best monitoring software is the one which can monitor the activity of children online and offline and at the same time shares feedback for parents.  Here is a list of the best phone monitoring software that parents can use.

1. Bark

The best way to think about this software is an internet monitoring app. This is because it allows you to act before something happens. This means that it prevents harmful internet interactions. It allows parents to monitor the child’s social media interactions. Parents are able to see social media platforms. It also looks into harmful activities such as cyberbullying, depression, or predators. Bark allows parents to have access to emails, texts, photos, and videos. The software is also able to monitor emails including Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud accounts.

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is another great software that parents can use to monitor their children’s activities both online and offline. The application has blocking capabilities where you are able to block certain websites and applications from being installed on a child’s phone. The software also shows the exact location. This software can work on both android and iOS and is very easy to use and has a high level of discretion.  Net Nanny is designed to be suitable for younger children with comprehensive parental control features. Net Nanny allows for remote time out and also extensive logs and reports.

3. Spyzie

This is another very effective monitoring that can be used by parents.  It is a web-based application that allows a parent to carry out several monitoring activities. Some of the features include viewing call logs, monitor SMS and track location, and also have location history. The software is capable of monitoring a wide range of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The software is also able to record Wi-Fi history to help determine which connections were connected and also monitor a wide range of multimedia files. Spyzie also allows parents to block certain applications and you have the flexibility of viewing this information remotely.

4. Qustodio

This is the most comprehensive monitoring software that parents can use. This is because it offers a wide range of monitoring features and at the same time has a panic button. The application offers intensive web filtering capability where harmful content is blocked. You are able to monitor their social media activities from sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others. The software user interface is quite interactive and easy to use. You can get your child’s location and you can also limit the time they are on-screen. You can access the child’s videos, photos, and messages. You are also able to block all contacts which you think are inappropriate. The good thing about this software is that it allows for monitoring of up to 15 devices if you have more children who you need to monitor at the same time.

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids

In terms of affordability, this is the most affordable and easy to use phone monitoring software any parent can have. It allows for comprehensive monitoring of a child’s activities on the internet and also on different applications. You can add age restrictions to different applications and limit the time which a child spends on a given application. It offers geofencing which are the areas which a child is supposed to be and you get an alert if they step out of those boundaries.  Social media monitoring is also very comprehensive plus you can get a low battery alert if the phone is about to die. This means you won’t get the common lie that ‘my phone was dead’.

The above application can be quite helpful if you are looking to monitor your child and make sure they don’t get spend their time online or access armful content such as pornography.

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