M1 MacBooks, the start of a revolution

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Apple MacBook
Apple launched their first custom-made M1 processor in November 2020 for their M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro.

For their previous laptops, Apple had used Intel processors, but they switched things up with a move that has shaken the entire industry to its core.

The processor has been so good that when a series of tests were run by Linus Tech Tips, they realised that only the Ryzer 7 8-core CPU has any chance of matching its performance.

The M1 chip is the first chip to be designed specifically for the Mac and is tailored towards improving the power efficiency of every Mac system that has it.

It was initially designed for the Mac OS Big Sur, the most advanced desktop operating system in the world. The M1 has been a game-changer for Mac, putting it at the very core of the computing industry.

Before the advent of the M1 chip, a Mac made use of numerous chips for different purposes in the computer– it had one chip for input and output, another for security, another for memory and the processor.

Using the M1, we realised that all these chips were combined into one using a technology called Single System on a chip- SoC. This change allowed for increased efficiency and a more amazing performance.

The M1 chip is made of incredibly small transistors measured using an atomic scale and is very complex as it has an insane number of transistors within a single chip. It was built using the 5 nanometer which is the best the industry currently has to offer.

The M1 chip also allows for computers to store their data using Unified memory architecture to integrate with it, making it work better for its users. Through this UMA system, power efficiency and performance are greatly improved.

The M1 has an 8-core CPU designed to handle huge volumes of work done by the computer. M1 is designed to feature 4 performance cores, each of which runs a different program at the same time.

Already, Apple’s high-performance core is the fastest CPU core in the world in terms of low power silicon. Now, the M1 chip has four of these cores, making its quality very evident in its performance.

It also has four efficiency cores that allow the computer to run lightweight tasks so that the performance cores are used for the most important tasks on the computer.

The M1 delivers up to double of the regular PC CPU performance. It can match the performance of the CPU using only a fourth of the power of the CPU.

The integrated graphics of the M1 brings a huge increase in graphics performance as well as reduced power consumption.

The GPU in M1-powered systems is the best Graphics processor ever made by Apple, hence, the reason why some sports betting companies use them. The M1 MacBooks have a hugely impressive battery life as well, with the system’s battery able to last more than 20 hours of continuous use.

Looking at the performance numbers of the M1 MacBooks, it is safe to say that the M1 is revolutionary. For once, Apple has outdone themselves with the M1 processor.


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