Technological tips to fight the loneliness of the new year

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At the beginning of 2021, many of us were hoping for a brighter year. But in reality, we are still a long way from living socialization. This, combined with a new wave of lockdowns and restrictions across Europe, has turned many of us to the increasing use of technology to stay connected with our loved ones and to have fun.

Kaspersky’s research has revealed that many people around the world feel lonelier than before the virus. However, technology can make a significant contribution to combating negative emotions during this time of constant change. In fact, nine out of ten (89%) European consumers say technology helps them feel less lonely. With that in mind, and as more technology-related solutions become available, Kaspersky has compiled a list of top tips and ideas to help consumers overcome this January melancholy.

January is traditionally considered a difficult month for many, with the holiday season coming to an end and countries in the middle of winter. This year, this feeling has intensified, with millions of people across Europe and the world living in social isolation and spending much more time at home, isolated.

Kaspersky found that four out of five (84%) Europeans feel lonelier during the pandemic than in the past. They could not see their family, friends, and colleagues. Ever since measures were taken to stop the coronavirus’s spread last year, people have found ways not only to spend time but also to stay connected with their loved ones. Regular video calling and online quizzes have become two key examples of how technology has facilitated their desire to keep in touch.

Technology has proven particularly important for older generations in the fight against loneliness, with 64% of baby boomers and those over 65, feeling less lonely during the COVID-19 crisis than in the past, agreeing that technology helped them fight loneliness. However, Kaspersky’s research has shown that not everyone is equally familiar with technology, possibly affecting their mental well-being and worsening feelings of loneliness. Almost a third (30%) of respondents want to feel more confident using technology to help them feel less lonely.

While it is essential to stay in touch with loved ones, the internet can also be a vital tool for connecting with friends or even gaining access to vital support during these difficult times. It is also available to help people find their own “tribes” and make new acquaintances. In addition, with social loneliness a problem long before the pandemic, many mental health support services can help anyone feeling lonely.

For people who want to use technology to overcome loneliness in early 2021, we suggest the following:

  • Learn something new. There are many lessons available online, from cooking to learning a new language, that people can now enjoy together as a group. Also, you should know that the top universities around the world have free courses.
  • Online games are not just for gamers. Arcade-based gaming sites encourage friends and family to come together online to solve puzzles or compete in the same way they would with board games.
  • Rearrange all of your photographs in your cameras or in your PC and check if there are any contests available.
  • Organize a movie night and invite your family and friends to attend. Many streaming services now offer a “party” or “group tracking” feature that allows many households to watch the same content at the same time. Some even have an online chat option, so you can talk about what you watch without interrupting the movie.
  • Visit a new or one of your favorite museums for a virtual tour. Some of the most famous art galleries and museums worldwide allow visitors to learn more about their exhibitions and objects online.
  • Play in a casino online for fun. They have thousands of slot games, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette where you won’t get bored.
  • Watch an online live concert. Whatever you choose, from classical music to DJ sets, artists from all over the world organize more opportunities for fans to enjoy a live experience from the comfort of their homes.
  • Group exercise. There has been an increase in the number of fitness classes available online, and participants can choose to take part with friends and family to show support for each other.
  • Organize your files better on your pc so you can start fresh.
  • Use social platforms like TikTok to spark your creativity.
  • Discover all the new apps that are now trading and share them with your friends.

You can do many things to fight the feeling of loneliness, and technology can surely help a lot. The technology also helps you think that good things are coming to you and everything will be all right.

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