Dott to launch brightly-coloured e-bikes in London

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European micro-mobility operator Dott ( is set to launch its distinctive-looking, brightly-coloured e-bikes in London, March 2021. London will become the 16th European city that Dott operates in, with e-scooter operations already existing in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Poland. 

Dott, which is primarily known in Europe for its established scooter operations, has spent two years developing its latest bike which has been dubbed the most advanced e-bike on the market. The initial March launch will include 100 rental e-bikes across 30 locations with the aim to scale up quickly to 700 bikes. 

Featuring what Dott bills as a state of the art parking solution, the bikes only allow riders to complete journeys in Dott allocated zones with the use of advanced GPS navigation software. 

Dott e-bikes will be available for riders to rent from March 2021 onwards first in London and in Paris. The e-bike, which is available in three colours (see above) is, claims the manufacturer, comfortable to ride, built to last and packed with the latest technology for proper parking, anti-theft and anti-vandalism. It has been designed and manufactured in Europe to guarantee the highest quality and lowest carbon footprint, in line with Dott ethos of clean rides for everyone. 

Says Maxim Romain, COO and Co-Founder of Dott: 

“This European made bike has been designed in line with our mission: to make mobility accessible to all. Our multimodal (e-bike and e-scooter) service will include the same level of operational excellence: removable batteries, secure charging, operations performed by experienced professionals, systematic repairs and recycling.

“We want to provide a great e-bike service that is reliable for the city, comfortable for the rider and sustainable for the planet. We are super excited to launch it soon in London.”

Check out a video of Dott unveiling its new e-bike here.

Key features of the Dott e-bike:

  • A unique frame made from a single piece to guarantee solidity 

  • Custom-developed foam tyre inserts to increase durability and cushion 

  • Shaft drive hidden inside frame. No greasy chains!

  • A removable battery system identical to e-scooters 

  • Precise geolocation system to guarantee good parking 


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