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Coventry City Centre (2019) – Photography by Si Chun Lam (林詩雋)

Coventry is the best place in mainland Britain for plug-in car owners to charge their vehicles – but it lags behind the OUTER HEBRIDES overall, research has revealed.

Analysis of latest available government data revealed there is currently one charging device for every 15 plug-in cars registered in the UK. But in Coventry, there is one device per 2.3 registered plug-in car owners.

EV (Electric Vehicle) and plug-in hybrid owners living in the Outer Hebrides are better off though – with the Na h-Eileanan Siar local authority having one charger for every 2.13 cars.

Other areas with a good cars-per-charger ratio were Fermanagh and Omagh in Northern Ireland (2.5 cars per charger), Wandsworth in London (2.6) and the Isle of Anglesey (2.8). Making up the top 10 were Brighton and Hove (2.83), Sunderland (2.94), Eden (2.95), Pembrokeshire (2.95) and Middlesbrough (2.97).

Following the findings, car manufacturer Jeep has created an interactive map showcasing the number of registered plug-in cars per public charging device by local authorities – see below.Says Damien Dally, Jeep country manager:

“The UK’s charging infrastructure is improving every day and it’s great to see charging devices popping up across the country.

“Sales of plug-in hybrids are up by almost 90 per cent this year as motorists look for a more sustainable way of driving around.”

To get a broad view on the ‘EVolution’ of motoring, Jeep surveyed 2,000 UK motorists – 1,600 petrol, diesel, and hybrid car owners and 400 who have either a plug-in hybrid  or pure electric car.

It found the average motorist drives just 26 miles per day – while 60 per cent of petrol and diesel car owners drive fewer than 20 miles per day. It also emerged 79 per cent of motorists think the government should be investing more in improving public charging infrastructure.

And 76 per cent said there should be a greater investment in on-street charging where motorists don’t have off-street parking.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found one in five petrol and diesel drivers support the introduction of road pricing to offset the loss in fuel duty revenue. This rises to 59 per cent of plug-in drivers.

Adds Damien Dally, Jeep country manager: “Our research shows the public is supportive of the move towards electric vehicles, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that those who have made the switch are more in favour of the transition.”

Local Authority / Plug-in cars per charging point

Na h-Eileanan Siar 2.13
Coventry 2.33
Fermanagh and Omagh 2.50
Wandsworth 2.60
Isle of Anglesey 2.80
Brighton and Hove 2.83
Sunderland 2.94
Eden        2.95
Pembrokeshire 2.95
Middlesbrough 2.97
Gwynedd 3.16
Stockton-on-Tees 3.19
Shetland Islands 3.29
Dumfries & Galloway 3.37
Argyll & Bute 3.38
Greenwich 3.40
Highland 3.57
Lambeth 3.63
East Lothian 3.73
Boston 3.79
Plymouth 3.89
Islington        3.93
Liverpool 3.96
Southwark 4.00
Hyndburn 4.04
Copeland 4.32

What some local authorities are doing to improve infrastructure for owners of plug-in cars:

Coventry City Council:

They have 39 rapid charge points, around 190 on-street residential charge points with a further 209, at least, by the end of next March. They are also working with charge point operators to promote the installation of charge points at business premises, supporting businesses by providing assistance with grant applications and advice on the type and siting of charge point within the business premises through the Plug-in Coventry scheme.


Sunderland City Council operated car parks’ spaces with electric charge points are free to use for up to four hours while the car is charging. Back in April 2019, the UK’s first drive-through fast-charging station with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW launched in Sunderland to help meet the demand for the growing numbers of electric vehicles in the city. Work is now complete on more new rapid hubs located across the region. These rapid charging stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are enabled for 350 kW charging, the fastest charging rate in the UK.


More charging points than any other local authority area in the whole of the UK. 120 more lamppost charging points are due to become available in Wandsworth in the spring.

The Highland Council, Scotland:

Electric vehicle users parked in dedicated EV bays are not charged for parking. Currently, charging an electric vehicle on a Highland Council hosted public charging point is free.
The Highland Council has an existing programme to install an additional 50+ charging points across 24+ sites during 20/21.

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