Unbelievable advances in the gaming field in recent years 


There has been an enormous technological jump in the past few years when it comes to the gaming industry. From 2D arcade games on PC to 3D games on smartphones, it has transformed the whole gaming setup. People now enjoy playing in an environment which is highly close to the real world. 

Technology offers a seamless gaming experience and highly immersive graphic environment. This helps people to enjoy games like togel sgp and play leisurely like they do in a real-life setting with their friends.

Let us have a look at a few unbelievable advances in the gaming field in recent years.

Facial recognition

This technology identifies the person and helps him to create the desired environment according to preferences. One can design a character or avatar from various available options. 

They also allow the user to use his facial features to be recognized by the system and then develop a more realistic character. The modern facial recognition technology allows 78 different facial angles of the player.

Gesture control

This technology allows the gamer to play in a more advanced environment where he can control and command various actions without even touching the joystick or pressing any key. 

All the player has to do is to use the correct wearable and use it to perform various tasks. For instance 3D cameras track 22 different points on the hand and help to control the game in a better way.

Mobile games

Mobiles are portable compared with laptops and computers. Mobile games have brought the gaming console in the palm of players, all a player requires is a mobile device with an active internet to start playing the game in a highly immersive environment.

They take less time to develop and are easy to operate. Due to ease of access and cost-effectiveness, mobile gaming has contributed more than 50% to the overall revenues of the industry. 

Cloud gaming

It refers to running your games on any device anywhere in the world. Which means that you no longer need a device with good hardware for playing games that require a lot of memory. It will enable you to create the games that offer seamless gameplay experience and take less space.

All one need is a good internet services provider and any device to continue the game where he left last time.

Tech Digest Correspondent