The Future of Gaming Industry 


Do you know that in early 2019 the Netflix CEO told his shareholders that the toughest competition for Netflix is the video gaming industry? From here you can guess how rapidly this industry is growing.

Many tech companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon are investing in games and gaming products. Currently mobile games are everywhere and are contributing more than half of the total revenue from last year. Virtual reality, Hi-Tech displays and advanced graphics are helping the gaming to climb as high as possible. So if the industry has reached its peak then what’s the next? 

Artificial intelligence

Online games involve everything from sports to puzzles, from education to learning, and from action to casino such as slot.

Artificial technology is now being implemented in video games for different features like face and voice recognition and gesture control.

Content generation

For several years Artificial Intelligence has been used to design and generate the gaming content, assets and other text used at different levels. 

Some game makers rely on networks to make different game levels which is called experience-driven procedural content generation. For instance back in 2009 researchers collected the player data to quantify the player’s preferences when they play. 

This information was fed to the computer and created results and an official statement on how players navigate through various sections while playing and which features they like the most. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is being used as best as possible and many tech companies are investing to increase the gameplay experience. Huge companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are investing to make visual reality video games because it is something highly profitable and will continue to grow more in future.

You can currently find VR based games on the market but we are still in early days. In future there will be much more to come if only a few challenges are addressed properly. 

In the future, VR is expected to be more social, consumer-friendly and cost-effective. It will bring everything inside goggles in a more realistic environment


Like every industry, games have also been affected by technology in a positive way. High-tech systems are shifting this industry toward a new horizon with more profits & better user experiences.

Tech Digest Correspondent