Men spend two days longer choosing phone than women

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Men spend two days longer choosing a new mobile phone than women on average, with four in ten females (43%) picking the first device they see, according to new research by, the comparison and switching service.

On average men take seven days and 19 hours choosing a handset, compared to women who spend five days and 17 hours doing so. There is also a large generational divide, with the over-55s taking just five days picking a phone, while younger consumers spend seven days and 19 hours deliberating.

By contrast, women take half a day longer than men to choose a house to rent. On average, female renters took seven days and seven hours to choose where to live, while men took six days and 19 hours.

Some people even find it easier to choose a place to live than selecting the right mobile phone. 

Almost half of renters (49%) spend more time picking their phone than they do choosing their home. With those renting their property with a partner or friends taking an average of six days and seven hours to choose their home, while consumers spent six days and seventeen hours selecting which handset was right for them.

Nearly two-thirds of renters (62%) managed to pick their home within two days, but fewer consumers (61%) were able to pick a mobile phone in that time.

A quarter of people (27%) planning to upgrade their phone said a longer-lasting battery was most important, while 13% wanted to get 5G, and 12% were keen on more storage.

Around 16% of consumers plan to upgrade to a 5G phone this year, meaning that more than a quarter of consumers – almost 13 million people – could have fifth-generation capable handsets by the end of the year. recommends that anyone considering getting a 5G contract should consult coverage maps for their area. 5G is currently available from at least one operator in almost 100 cities and towns in the UK. 

Ru Bhikha, telecoms expert at, comments: 

“Choosing a new mobile phone is not something that men take lightly, spending two days longer than women picking their next device.

“However, when it comes to choosing a place to live, men are more cavalier, taking half a day less time than women to pick a home to rent.

“The fact that some people put more thought into choosing a phone than their home shows just how important these devices are to us. And with top-tier smartphones costing over a grand, it is right that people are taking their time in deciding which offers the best value for money.

“Getting a longer-lasting battery and 5G are two of the most important things to consumers when they look to upgrade their phones, with more than seven million people saying they plan to get a 5G phone this year.

“Remember that upgrading to a 5G phone doesn’t guarantee you 5G speeds, so check coverage maps for your area or talk to your provider before making the commitment.” 

If you are struggling to decide which phone is right for you, you can visit Uswitch’s handset comparison table here to compare the different smartphones currently available.

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