Recover Deleted or Lost PS4 Game Files from HDD or USB Drive

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There’s no person who likes games and hasn’t heard about PS4. This gaming console by Sony is one of the most famous and successful ones on the market. And at least once, most gamers encounter a situation when they need to recover deleted files from PS4 games. Some remove those by accident, others fall victim to viruses and tech failures.

We’ll show you how to recover deleted files in 3 ways, using both HDD/USB drives and cloud saves.

Way #1: Use Free Recovery Software

One of the easiest ways to recover USB drive files is to use a free program. Such a process doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money as there are demo versions or genuinely free tools you can use.

Choose a program with:

  • Regular user-friendly interface;
  • Different scan and restoration options;
  • Powerful capabilities;
  • Wide range of OS and file compatibility.

You can look for TOP lists and read reviews, or just download USB drive recovery software (free version).

All apps and software have different algorithms of use, but in general, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Download the program and install it;
  2. Connect your HDD or USB;
  3. Run the program and see if it identifies the source;
  4. Scan it with a quick or deep scan feature if there are any;
  5. See if the software sees the files you need to restore;
  6. Hit “Restore”.

Hopefully, this easy process using HDD recovery software will get your PS4 files back!

Way #2: Restore HDD Game Files via Online Storage

This will only work if you have backed up your PS4 game files by copying them to a cloud. The version might be older than the current one, but it’s much better than nothing at all. It’s quite easy to revive accidentally deleted data this way:

  1. Find “Application Saved Data Management” in Settings;
  2. Find a section with the information saved in online storage;
  3. Download the data to your system storage;
  4. Check for the files you need and download each of them;
  5. Repeat the process until you recover all the needed files.

We highly recommend that you back up all the important files using cloud storage as well as external mediums. You can also re-download the data from the PS4 website, but it’s always nice to have several backups just in case.

Method #3: Restoring Files with PS4 USB Storage

To recover deleted files USB flash drive with this method, you need to have your PS4 synchronized with the PS Network. It’s also important to copy the files from your games to that USB so that you have something to restore.

The algorithm is quite simple:

  1. Find the section “System” in the Settings of the USB drive;
  2. Look for a function of backup and restoration;
  3. Choose “Restore PS4”;
  4. You’ll see a result page with all the files available for recovery. Choose the ones that you need to revive;
  5. Revive them.

Make sure you keep the USB and PS4 connected during the whole process. In another case, the restoration will be stopped and it might be easier to work on it later on. If there are issues caused by something other than your mistake, make sure to contact PlayStation customer support.

Video Tutorial:

All 3 methods work perfectly if you have backups and/or great file recovery software. Sometimes, it takes a mistake or two to really value those. PS4 game files can get lost due to a number of errors, failures, and inattentiveness. And while PlayStation can help you restore those, sometimes this is impossible. This is when free reliable software logs in the game and solves all your issues.

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