Create Memories Whilst Sparing The Environment

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One of the biggest aspects for any business at the moment is remaining as environmentally friendly as possible. Whether it’s halting the use of single use plastics or doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint; being environmentally friendly is just as important as ensuring your staff are well taken care of too and your customer service is the best it can possibly be.

It’s important that this mantra of being environmentally friendly runs through every area of our business too, including the entertainment we provide at our own events. Today we’re looking at photo booth software and how you can help create memories whilst sparing the environment at the same time. 

Custom Branding To Make You Unforgettable

Snappic is one of the UK’s leading photo booth software providers. They provide incredible software to bars, clubs and exhibition centres up and down the UK, allowing you to turn a simple iPad into an incredible, mobile photo booth. From digital props to fully branded microsites, Snappic will ensure that not only will your guests create memories that will stay with them forever but their memories will also incorporate you and your brand too. 

The question is, just how are the likes of Snappic with their digital photo booths, environmentally friendly? There are two particular areas in which digital photo booth software really shows itself to be environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look.

How Snappic Is Environmentally Friendly

  • Say Goodbye To Huge Energy Drawing Machines – with Snappic, all you need to bring their photo booth software to life is an iPad. That means you get to say goodbye to those energy draining machines and instead utilise a much more environmentally friendly device that uses a fraction of the amount of energy.
  • Reduce Paper Use Thanks To Digital Sharing Ability – instead of using instant Polaroid film or other harmful plastics and papers to print pictures, Snappic’s photo booth software gives people the opportunity to simply share their pictures digitally instead. It does so by connecting to social media profiles as well as allowing people to send their pictures via email. Not only does this prevent printing (although this can be done by connecting to printing devices wirelessly) it encourages people to spread the message complete with your branded logo with ease through the channels they usually would digitally instead of physically in print.

Want To Try A Digital Photo Booth For Yourself?

Snappic utilise their cloud based software to help companies and businesses enhance their guests experience. By using this cloud based photo booth software, companies also benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. 

If you’d like to find out more about how you can help your guests and clients create memories that won’t just last forever but will help in the planet’s quest to save our environment, contact Snappic today. 


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