7 Reasons Uber and Lyft Are Still the Best Ways to Travel


According to Forbes,
Uber delivered over 5 billion trips vs. 620 million for Lyft in 2018, driven by its larger customer base and operations spanning 63 countries.

Two years later, the number is only growing steadily. Needless to say, rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have transformed our traveling experiences. They make it easy for anyone to get to their final destination in time and within their budget range.

It is hard to argue with the convenience of ordering a ride from your phone in minutes. However, in this new transportation era has emerged a handful of rideshare companies that offer an array of travel services. But even in the abundance, there are two companies that outshine the rest.

Incoming Uber and Lyft!

Here are 7 Reasons why Uber and Lyft are still the best ways to travel:

  • Easy availability

There is nothing better than ordering a ride from the convenience of your phone. Uber and Lyft are praised for this convenient feature. No matter where you are, a simple press of a button will ensure that you get a ride from any of these companies. Even better is the fact that you do not need to give the driver directions when you find the on-demand apps. They will get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time. Also, Uber and Lyft are available in a majority of countries other than the United States. Thus, they are easily available.

  • An abundance of features and options

Here, again Uber and Lyft win. This is because they offer a variety of vehicle choices, depending on what you may be ‘feeling that day.’ Apart from this, there are options that let you split the cab fare with other riders who are going in the same direction. If you have to walk a short distance for pick up and walk a short distance to your destination, these companies offer express services that make this possible. The most suitable option for you is a matter of choice.

  • Upfront pricing

Uber and Lyft often charge the same ride prices. But both of them charge higher prices in high-demand situations such as the need for many rides with few available drivers. This period is often referred to as ‘prime time’. Regardless of the pricing, these companies are transparent. They will let you know their honest prices without any hidden charges. In high demand situations, the increasing percentage is also highlighted. As such, this helps them win their customer loyalty where many travel companies omit information about increments on their receipts.

  • Rewards programs

Frequent Uber and Lyft riders often receive rewards from the respective companies in efforts to show their appreciation. They offer reward points for every dollar spent. Once the points reach a certain level then you can enjoy free rides. These companies are outstanding because they offer value for money.

  • Upfront information and directions to locations

When visiting a new place, you may not know exactly where it is and how far you are going, even when carrying a map. When you find on-demand apps by Uber and Lyft, you will enjoy their capability to show your distance as well as the estimated price as well as step by step GPS directions to where you are going. This gives you an upfront approximation and rids your journey of any haggling.

  • Trust and safety

The driver review system that comes with Uber and Lyft enables you to give star ratings according to your riding experience.  This enhances the system for other riders. To reduce the likelihood of dangerous and/or uncomfortable experiences, both these companies conduct background checks on their cars and drivers.

  • Accessibility options

Anyone who uses a wheelchair or needs assistance in one way or another enjoys their Lyft or Uber ride. The drivers are always equipped with the right access vehicle depending on your needs. During your booking, you are given the option to specify whether you require any assistance. This notifies both the rider and the driver of what to expect so that there are no misunderstandings

While a majority of rideshare apps may be affected by the time of day, length of the ride or surge pricing, Uber and Lyft have proven reliable. These never-changing companies make sure you crunch your numbers and offer rides that are trustworthy. Even though the market is flooded with new service providers and everyone is looking to find on-demand apps, Uber and Lyft is still the best way to travel.


Tech Digest Correspondent