Best Android Products To Look Out For This Year

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Android continues to dominate the global market for mobile operating systems. In fact, approximately  74% of all mobile devices run on Android. Thus, it is expected to grow from here since Google  released the Pixel smartphones along with the OS’s latest version, Android 10. Aside from the rise of smartphones, what other Android products should a tech-savvy gadgeteer have in their arsenal? 

Best Android Phone for Value: Google Pixel 3a

Looking for the best value on an Android smartphone? If so, the Google Pixel 3a is the best choice. Its fantastic performance and battery life make up for the average hardware, display, and specs. Its only major drawback is that it lacks waterproofing. But with its best-in-class camera, it’s already worth the mid-range price tag.

Best Android Phone for Camera Quality: Google Pixel 4

The 3a’s camera is no match from the Google Pixel 4’s. Most experts agree that it has the best camera in the market. Pixel 4 can take great photos with vibrant colors regardless of the scene. It has a Night Sight feature that gives the best low-light photo with crisp details. Also, it has great accessibility options like Live Caption and Recorder.

Best Android TV Box: Nvidia Shield TV Gaming Edition

The number of smart TVs in the U.K. rose over the years due to its high-tech features. In fact, nearly  48% of all households in the country own a smart TV set, according to Statista. If you want the best  Android TV box around, pick one based on your needs.
Nvidia Shield TV Gaming Edition is one of the best streaming devices around. It has a Tegra X1 GPU that handles anything thrown at it. It has the essential features like Google Assistant. The best part is that external devices like keyboards and gaming controllers can connect to it.

Best Chromebook: Google Pixelbook Go

Google’s Chromebooks are known for its premium feel matched with powerful features. The best one among them is the Google Pixelbook Go, with its 12-hour battery life and high-tier options for processors, storage, and RAM. Its design is ergonomic, from its rounded body and keys.
Android devices come in a diverse set of products that improve homes and mobile experience. Regardless, it will surely deliver more innovations in the coming year, so stay tuned for more.
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