Minut launches camera-free smart home alarm system

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Swedish smart home technology specialists Minut has announced the availability of a camera-free wireless smart home alarm in the UK. The Minut alarm will be distributed in the UK by Thames Distribution and is available from Minut.com and Amazon UK for £129.

The Minut smart home alarm doesn’t have any cameras built-in and unlike other devices will only react when required so users know what’s said at home, stays at home. Designed to sit discreetly on the ceiling, it’s fitted with five sensors and a siren and connects to the home Wi-Fi.

Minut claims that anyone can install the system themselves, a mounting plate securely sticks on the ceiling and the sensor clicks right in and can be readily moved to another location as desired.

The Minut smart home alarm contains a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor underneath the lens, which detects the heat energy emitted by living things. The device monitors the environment it’s in and keeps track of the number of ‘motion events’ that occur. If the alarm is activated and a motion event occurs, an instant notification will be sent via the app. Even if the alarm is turned off, users can monitor the motion levels around the device.

Minut also monitors the sound level of the environment it’s in. The app allows users to set custom thresholds, so if the volume ever goes above a pre-set decibel level they will receive a notification on their phone. It also monitors the temperature in an environment and can alert users to any increases and drops.

It is possible to set customised high and low temperature levels, and if the environment goes above or below those levels, a notification is instantly sent. This feature can alert people to potentially dangerous situations such as leaving the oven on, the the heating breaking down or leaving a window open.

Other sensors include a humidity sensor and sound sensor which can detect other alarms going off in the home. If users have a smoke, CO2 or radon alarm installed and it starts to sound, Minut will pick up on this and instantly notify of the potential threat.

Through the combination of monitoring the temperature and humidity in the environment overtime, Minut can even analyse the risk of mould growing. Users will be alerted in the app and offered suggestions as to how to reduce this risk.

Using the free Basic plan, users can monitor and protect their home, receive instant notifications of any threats and get insights into their home environment while for just £6.99 per month, the optional Minut Plus plan allows customers to add multiple users and multiple homes.

Minut has up to 6 month battery life, dependent on the environment it’s within and the number of alerts it needs to send. Users simply remove the device from its magnetic mounting plate and charge via the included USB-C cable. Fully charging the device takes around 5 hours, after which, users simply pop it back up on the ceiling.

Minut CEO Nils Mattisson, commented:

“Feeling safe shouldn’t be a luxury, or come at the cost of privacy. Until recently the most affordable solution for home security and monitoring has been Wi-Fi connected cameras, but people don’t want or trust them in their homes. Our aim is to make home security and monitoring accessible to everyone, without having to compromise the feeling of home.”

The Minut all-in-one smart home alarm is available in the UK through Minut.com and Amazon UK for £129.

Chris Price
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